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Writing a proper bid proposal

Your bid proposal should clearly express your interest in and highlight your suitability to the project you are bidding on.


Follow these tips for writing a proper bid proposal to increase your chances of getting that project you are eager to start working on.


Tailor your content. Let the client know that you have thoroughly read the project details and understood what is being required. Make sure that your proposal is relevant to the tasks specified on the project description. Explain your time frame and budget estimates in relation to what the client wants done. Ask questions if you want something clarified.


Introduce yourself. Give a short background of yourself, your passion and/or profession and state how these complement your work performance. Present yourself in a professional manner and try to add a little touch of your personality in your writing.


Highlight your qualifications. Mention your relevant work experiences and include samples of similar work you have done in the past. Invite the client to visit your portfolio so they can see firsthand if your brand of work matches what they are looking for.


Keep it concise. Make your proposal short but meaty. Include only relevant information highlighting your suitability to the job and any details that the client might have requested.


Be sincere. A little self-confidence is a good thing, but over-the-top claims is not likely to impress anyone. Be honest about your skills and qualifications to ensure that the client will truly get what has been promised.


Proofread. Double check if you have provided all the key information. Review your grammar and spelling for a perfect first impression.



What to avoid when bidding


You should refrain from doing any of the following practices to avoid incurring penalties.


Using generic proposals (bids with the exact same content) on multiple projects


Bidding on and accepting projects you do not have the required expertise on


Bidding with a very low amount and increasing the amount significantly once awarded


Giving out or asking for contact information in your bid



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