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Posting Projects

Posting projects is easy.


     1.  From the main menu bar, click Post a Project.


     2.  Give your project a descriptive title to easily tell freelancers what the project is about.


     3.  You will be asked to answer three questions for the system to generate a project description for you. Otherwise, you can click "Write my own description" to type in the project description you have in mind.


     4.  After answering the third question, the system will automatically display the description it generated from your answers. You can also delete and edit the description. From here, you can also upload any files (optional) that can help explain your project requirements more clearly. Click Next.


     5.  Add up to five skills necessary to complete your project. These will help us reach relevant freelancers. 


     6.  Choose whether you want to post a project or start a contest instead.


     7.  Select the appropriate project type (fixed-price or hourly), and provide your budget.


     8.  Add upgrades (optional), depending on what your project needs. Click Show Advanced Options for the list of upgrades available before posting your project.


     9.  Click Post My Project to confirm.



Why am I being asked to verify a payment method?


You will be prompted to verify your payment method before posting a project if:


You have other projects that are waiting to be awarded


You have outstanding fees within the site


Additional verification is necessary

Why am I being asked to add a phone number?


All users are required to verify their phone number to make sure your profile details are complete before being able to successfully post a project. Click here to know how you can setup your phone number.

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