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Expert Guarantee

With Expert Guarantees, you guarantee your commitment and services to the project to its completion. You can upgrade your bid by adding funds with a refundable amount of at least $2 USD but not less than 2% of your bid. This refundable deposit will assure your client that you will complete the project.


The Expert Guarantee deposit will be refunded to your Freelancer.com account balance within 24 hours after one of the following happens:


You are awarded the project and it is completed

● 24 hours have elapsed and you are not awarded the project

● You retract your bid

● Another freelancer is awarded the project and accepts it

● The client revokes your award of their project
● You reject the award or do not accept the award
● The project is closed

● The project is deleted


If you get awarded and accept the project, however, and it was later on marked as Incomplete by your client, the Expert Guarantee will be forfeited.



How to upgrade


Your can only opt to Expert Guarantee your bid when the project you are bidding on has a Sponsored bid on it.


     1.  Tick Expert Guarantee on the bid proposal form.


     2.  Enter your preferred added funds of at least $2 USD (or equivalent in other currencies) but not less than 2% of your bid amount.


     3.  Complete your bid proposal, and click Place Bid.


     4.  Click Yes, Place My Bid Now to confirm.







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