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Automatic charges

Automatic billing is activated when you deposit through or verify your credit card or PayPal. You will be informed that an automatic billing agreement with your payment method will be activated when you make a deposit or verify through it.


You can have multiple billing agreements by verifying or depositing funds using more than one payment method.


The following transactions are automatically covered with a billing agreement:

•  Creating Milestone Payments

•  Upgrading projects

•  Upgrading bids

•  Taking skills tests

•  Project fee payments

•  Membership plan renewals


As billing agreements make manual deposits unnecessary, keeping them active is recommended for ease of payments. But if you wish to cancel them, you may do so on the Payment & Financials page any time.


Here is a video explaining the billing agreement:




Note: If a billing agreement is canceled, a new one will be activated the next time you make a deposit or verify a payment method.


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