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How do I get paid?

Payments from completing projects and contests will be transferred to your Freelancer.com account. You can then have them requested to be withdrawn.


Your clients can pay you via any of the following methods:



Milestone Payments


The Milestone Payment System is the recommended mode of payment on the site. Your client can set funds aside for later payment once you have completed the project. The payment, called a Milestone Payment, can also be released to you by your client for every task met. Also, every Milestone Payment comes with an invoice which you can use for tax purposes.


We encourage using Proposed Milestones as early as bidding on projects to help your client see the payment schedule for the project per task in case they award you.


Using Milestone Payments also gives you and your client access to our Dispute Resolution Service in the event that your project does not go as planned.


Note that quote items in quotations you send to clients turn into Milestone Payments once your client accepts your quote.



Transfer Funds


Transfer Funds allows your client to directly transfer payment to you via the Transfer Funds tab on their Financial Dashboard. However, we still recommend using the Milestone Payment System instead because this mode of payment is not eligible for our Dispute Resolution Service.


To ensure you have the best protection possible in an unlikely event of a dispute, keep your correspondences and payments within Freelancer.com.


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