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Working on hourly projects

If you are interested in working on long-term tasks or full-time positions, hourly projects are perfect for you.



Tracking your work hours


You can track your work hours using the Freelancer Desktop App or through manual time tracking.


The Freelancer Desktop App is recommended so your activities are recorded via random screenshots on the Desktop App; these screenshots are reviewed by your employers. Your hourly projects, messages, files, and invoices are also listed on the Freelancer Desktop App.


To start tracking your work hours, your employer has to enable the automatic billing  on your hourly project. Offline tracking is available during lost or unstable Internet connection. Random screenshots are still taken and uploaded when you get back online.


You can also manually track hours, especially if completing the project requires being away from a computer. Read here to know more about manual tracking.



Invoicing and Payments


A Milestone Payment along with its corresponding invoice will be automatically generated for your tracked hours every Monday in your employer’s time zone. If the employer’s automatic billing is enabled, the generated Milestone Payment will be released every Wednesday in your employer’s time zone as well.


Hours that you manually track, especially for work that is not done online, are invoiced and paid along with the hours tracked through the Desktop App every Wednesday.


If the employer’s automatic billing is disabled, time tracking will be disabled as well. You can get paid for your work through manually created Milestone Payments instead.


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