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Corporate Profile

Especially designed for businesses, the Corporate Profile is comprised of special features that help in presenting your team better to prospective clients. Take advantage of these added features by subscribing to Freelancer Corporate.


Corporate profile


1.  Company Logo.  Your business logo. Recommended resolution is 280 x 180 pixels (maximum: 2 MB).


2.  Company Name.  Your business name (maximum: 25 characters).


3.  Company Tag Line.  A brief description of what your company is good at. This will be included on your Corporate bid card (maximum: 50 characters).


4.  Corporate Badge.  Distinguishes Corporate accounts from the rest.


5.  Custom Cover Image.  A cover image of your choice. You can modify this regardless of the membership plan you are in. The image file must be between 1920 and 3840 pixels wide, and at least 500 pixels tall.


6.  Featured Review.  A review that you want to feature on your profile page. You can pick the best one from your existing reviews anytime by going to your list of reviews and by clicking Feature this Review next to your selected review.


7.  Profile Description.  Description of your business and expertise (maximum: 1000 characters).



Corporate Portfolio


A Corporate portfolio is also included in the Corporate profile. Unlike personal profile portfolios, it allows customizing content into categories.



Editing your Corporate profile


Click Edit Profile to edit parts of your Corporate profile. Your company name, however, cannot be changed once it is set during the Corporate account onboarding.


If you need to change your company name, especially if you recently changed your business registration, scroll down, click Contact Us to submit your request.


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