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Corporate Portfolio

The Corporate Portfolio allows you to customize your portfolio items into categories to help employers better understand your business.




Upload your portfolio items and organize them into different categories of work. Each category should reflect a particular field of expertise that you can provide to employers. You can even upload your completed projects in your portfolio.


Click Edit Portfolio to edit your portfolio items and categories.

  • Portfolio categories. You can have up to four (4) different categories of portfolio items. Change or delete a category by clicking the pencil or trash icon next to it. A category name can have a maximum of 18 characters.
  • Portfolio items. Upload portfolio items by clicking +Add New Project, or edit the current items by clicking Edit Project button. Tag a portfolio item with its corresponding category by selecting the category tab of your choice. Hover your mouse over the item, and click the tick box at its upper left corner.



With a Corporate account, employers can view your inline portfolio from your bids. They can click the Portfolio link on your bid card, and the thumbnails of your first 10 portfolio items will be displayed underneath.



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