Refunding my deposit

Check the following before sending your deposit refund request:


  • The money is available in your balance. If your balance is less than your deposited amount, you have most likely used the deposit to pay for a transaction. Check your Transaction History. We can also refund the remaining amount of your deposit if you have partially used it.

  • The money is from your payment method and has not been earned from working on the site. Otherwise, it will have to be withdrawn.

  • The deposit is still within the refund period. PayPal, Skrill, and most credit card deposits can be refunded within one year, while it’s 6 months for some credit cards. We can only refund deposits within the refund period. Otherwise, they should be withdrawn.


Give us these details so we can process the refund:


  • Your payment method (PayPal / Skrill / Credit card)

  • Last four digits of your credit card, if you used credit card

  • Deposit amount and currency

  • Date and time of deposit

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