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Milestone Payment Status

To check the payments released on a project, visit its project page. On the project page, check the Milestones tab, and look under the Status column beside the Milestone Payment that you wish to check on:

If the payment has been released to you, the status should indicate Released; otherwise, it is marked as In Progress. This allows you to track your earnings more easily.


Alternatively, you can go to your Financial Dashboard to check if there are any incoming Milestone Payments. To do so, mouse over your account balance at the upper right side of your Dashboard and select Financial Dashboard.

Finances drop-down menu

On the Financial Dashboard page, you will be redirected to your Milestones tab's Incoming view. 


From there, you can locate the specific Milestone Payments related to your project. On the Status column, it should indicate In Progress if the employer has not yet released the Milestone Payment.

Any Milestone Payment that has been released will no longer appear on this page. Check your Transaction History page to review if the money has been added to your account.

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