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Milestone Payments

Pay freelancers securely with the Milestone Payment system. It provides protection for both clients and freelancers by allowing equal control over payments for projects. Each Milestone Payment also comes with an invoice that you can view and download from the project page.

Here's how it works:

When a freelancer and a client start working together, they will agree on a set of milestones or tasks for the project. These milestones might include things like completing a certain number of pages, or reaching a certain stage in the design process.


For Clients


After the above, you will then create Milestone Payments for the milestones you and your freelancer agreed upon.


Once a milestone is reached, you will release a Milestone Payment to the freelancer. This payment is usually a percentage of the total project cost, and it's a way for you to ensure that the freelancer is making progress on the project.


For Freelancers


You can start working as soon as a Milestone Payment is created. You can view the created Milestone Payments from the project page. You have the following options for the pending Milestone Payment: 1) Request Release, 2) Cancel, and 3) Dispute.

Cancelling Milestone Payments cancels the pending payment and returns the funds to the client's account. Cancelled Milestone Payments can no longer be disputed through the Dispute Resolution Service.


Using Milestone Payments is a great way to keep a project on track, and it also helps build trust between the freelancer and the client. Using Milestone Payments also makes our Dispute Resolution Service available to you, which allows contesting the return or release of in progress Milestone Payments.

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