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Freelancer Showcase

Freelancer Showcase is an exhibit of excellent work from freelancers. Mostly design-related, these were hand-picked by our team in order to maintain a first-rate collection.





For Freelancers


Getting your work exposed gives you more chances of getting hired for projects. Since your work will be speaking for you, employers looking to hire someone with your skill, art style, or niche can offer you their projects directly through the Freelancer Showcase page.


While most showcased entries come from successful projects and contests completed on the site, you can still submit your work for showcasing even if they were not completed on the platform as long as they are your original creations.




For Employers


Employers can search the Browse Freelancers page to directly hire freelancers if they are looking for other types of work to be done. For design-related ones, however, the Freelancer Showcase is the more ideal page to scroll through to see the best work samples from freelancers available for hire.


Just hover over a showcase for the option to hire the freelancer to appear, and offer them a project directly.



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