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Can I Contact the Contest Holder?

You can communicate with the contest holder in three ways.  


Private Message Board

The first method is sending a private message. To do this, go to the contest page and look for your entry. If there are many entries already, you can easily view your entry by selecting My Entries from the View dropdown menu.

Click your username on top of your entry number, and you will be redirected to the page with all your submitted entries. Under your entries is the Private Message Board where you can directly message the contest holder.


Public Clarification Board

The second method involves using the Public Clarification Board (PCB). This is located at the bottom of the contest page. Any message entered here will be seen by everyone involved in the contest – i.e. the contest holder and other contest participants. 

The PCB has this unique feature that lets you reference your design so the contest holder can easily view it.

What you do is create a quick link by writing a hashtag (#) before the number of your entry – e.g. #4. When the contest holder sees your message on the PCB and mouses over the entry number, your design will pop up for easy viewing.



The last method is through a chat conversation. You can only chat with a contest holder if they contact your through chat first or they awarded the prize to you.

The chat conversation will be listed on the Chats tab of your Contact List. 


Note: Do not ask for nor provide private contact information as it is against Freelancer.com's Terms and Conditions.

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