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Attract More Entries

Everything you need to get the entry or design for your company or for your own use is here. The best part is you have access to hundreds of freelancers competing for your consideration. What’s more, our no-fuss layout makes selecting your winner much easier.

There are time-tested ways to attract more contest entries – entries that are professional and of high quality. Consider these helpful tips:

  • Check that your contest description is easy to understand and contains information the freelancers need. We recommend including examples of what you’re looking for such as images and sketches, if possible. For tips on writing a good contest description, please read this article.

  • Ensure your contest title clearly describes and promotes your contest.

  • Consider increasing the prize money or making your contest Guaranteed, which encourages more freelancers to submit better quality entries.

  • Take advantage of other available upgrade options to level up your contest. For example, the Top Contest attracts high-quality entries by inviting top freelancers to join your contest.

  • Don’t wait for participants! Use your social networks to spread the word and bring the competition to you. Post a short message and your contest link on your blog, Facebook or any other social networking site you use.

  • Ask your network of friends to do the same.

  • Tweet about your contest and include a short link to it. Ask your followers to retweet it.

  • Check out other active contests similar to yours that have lots of entries. Read their contest titles and check their contest description for more ideas.

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