Here's the AS3 template I've just purchased on [url removed, login to view] : [url removed, login to view]

In order to fit my needs, I will need the following small modifications:


1) LOGO: I need integration of my own logo on bottom left corner. Right now, there's no such option with this template, it's only a text changed through [url removed, login to view] - I need to be able to provide my own png through xml. The logo size will remain limited and confined by the current black rectangle. Also, right now nothing happens with this logo. I need to have a mouse-over feature (no need to click on it), that will cause the website to re-load the original background image each time my mouse is over the logo area.


2) MENU BUTTON: next to the logo, there's a small red square. I need to change the current white arrow with my own transparent png white icon


3) PICTURE INFO: on the right side, there's an "i" button. It displays additional information for each picture. Right now, I need to click on it (and then close the module after I'm done reading) and that, for each picture I'm viewing. This is very tiresome, because I need to move the mouse back and forth. This feature was obvioulsy poorly designed and is not intuitive for the website's visitors. Instead, I would like you to use a very simple mouse-over function that would work this way: when my mouse is over the "i" button, the picture information pops-up. When I move my mouse outside this "i" button, the module simply disappears (remove the red 'close' button on top).


4) SLIDE-SHOW: on the right side of the screen, there's a play/pause button for the slide show. Right now, the slide show is by default turned off when I launch the website. It makes sense since the website is not displaying any gallery picture yet. But even after I start clicking on a gallery, the slide show remains turned off by default and there's no such option in [url removed, login to view] - I need to have the slide show turned 'on' as soon as I click on any gallery picture.


5) CONTACT & BIO: this button opens a module that accepts html (i've tested it and it works fine). Unfortunately, the creators of this template obviously didn't anticipate someone like me who needs to put a lot of information on this section, because guess what: there's no scroll-bar! I need you to add a nice scrolling feature for this module. It could be a nice scroll bar on the right edge (i would provide the design), but frankly, I would rather prefer a mouse-sentitive scroller instead, like on this website: [url removed, login to view] ('about' module) >>> when my mouse goes below the vertical center of this module, then it scrolls up, and reversely. The more down I move my mouse down and the faster it scrolls down. Anyway, just copy this website's scrolling feature and i'll be happy.


6) ADDITIONAL TEXT MODULES: this template allows only 1 button (currently: 'Contact & Bio'), so it's impossible to add other similar pop-ups, for example to provide some news, or a list of clients etc... the good news is that the 'contact & bio' module supports html, but still... what can i do with only 1 block? I need to be able to add additional buttons like that through my [url removed, login to view] - at least 2 more similar buttons.


Eventually - and this is optional - it would be really great if I could have the choice to select other types of flash photo-viewing transition effects, and even better if I could assign a different transition effect for each gallery (eg. fade-in/out, blur, mosaic etc...).


It is obvious that you will receive the full package with AS3 source files etc... This job requires a true AS3 GURU. It is essential that I hire a coder really proficient with Flash and Action Script 3, because these 6 modifications will all require to edit the source file.

IMPORTANT NOTE: it's mentioned somewhere on this template's questioning forum that the source code may contain some ANNOTATIONS IN ROMANIAN, so if you're FROM ROMANIA, it will be a definite plus, but it's not essential if you're really good with AS3.

Good luck bidding!

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