Create page templates for WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

I need 2 page WordPress templates to be created for custom post type and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF).

All back-end work has been done, now need to display ACF fields on the front-end.

The pages are Single custom post type page and custom post type archive page.

1. Single page for the custom post type

In WordPress there are 4 user roles:

- Administrator

- Agency Manager

- Client

- B-Client

If the user isn’t logged in can’t see any content except the login/register form popup.

Based on user role the visible fields are different like in the table shown in the attachment.

The look is like in the .psd file attached.

The section on the left side is fixed and content on the right side is scrollable.

Menu from the fixed left side should scroll to the corresponding CV content on the right side.

If the field isn't populated at backend it doesn't appear.

At the bottom is the contact form in which should be the current candidate id sent with other data.

At the bottom for the Administrator and Agency Manager should be 2 buttons that can generate pdf that can be printed/download like they are Client or B-Client user role, basically to print candidates data for the Client and B-Client user role.

2. Archive page should have a filter like in the PSD file.

If the user isn’t logged in can’t see any content except the login/register form popup.

Results should populate automatically when search/filter criteria changed, without the need to press the search button (ajax).

Advanced search should have check-boxes with ACF fields:

-Airframe Type

-Engine Type

-Records Audit

-Project City ( Database city field with country)

-Computer Skills

Country drop-down should show only countries that have candidates in, or countries that candidates have set to bordering countries.

Every candidate have a profile rating field in the ACF which can be from 1 – 5

The result should first show all candidates with the highest-profile rating - the Descending Order based on the profile rating, first candidates with the profile rating 5 then 4, 3, 2, and 1.

Based on the Candidate country there is a field in ACF called bordering country.

When showing all candidates from the selected country in descending order based on the profile rating, beneath that, should appear candidates that have bordering country set as the country selected in the search box at the top search filter also sorted in descending order based on Candidate profile rating.

After showing all candidates based on the search filter, beneath show all the rest of the candidates based on candidates profile rating (descending order) regardless of the search criteria.

All the candidates should appear on the archive page but sorted as a filter at the top is set.

After showing 12 candidates, there should be a button to load more, just loads 12 more candidates to it...

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