Delphi Array Calculation and Stock ChartX Integration / Examples


***Programmer must provide realistic estimate of time requred to complete

***Programmer must provide some insight as to thier expirience level

***Programmer must be willing to work with a new delphi programmer

During a previous project I asked to have a Delphi rountine put together that could perform simple calulations on an array of stock market data.

I need someone to review the code and make changes to:

1. improve programming efficiency

2. Add StockChartX functionality

3. Assist with TradeScript Intergration

See Modulus Financial Engineering for clarrification on these libraies.

TASK OVERVIEW (Integrate OR show how to integrate)

1. Review existing Code

-Review existing form and class for efficiency, suggest / make changes

-Clean up spin edit control value check procedure

-Get array filering working

-Add an additional column of data to data grid (TRUE / FALSE / NA)

2. Integrate StockChartX Functions

-Add Indicators

-Change Colors

-Scroll Left / Right via mouse wheel roll

-Zoom via Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Roll

-Pan Chart via Mouse drag, Icon to change to a glove (hand)

-Goto Selected Date, Provide Pre and Post Date Data in accordance with selected span window control

-Toggle Data information in upper left corner of chart

-Toggle Cursor

-Toggle Candles / Line Chart

-Enable Right Click Operations

3. Populate Date ListBox via a Stock Symbol CSV file (1d array of dates)

4. Incorporate INI file functionality to load and store parameters (colors, Charts Setting, Data Paths)

5. Assist with TradeScript example conversion from VB to Delphi (example provided by Modulus Financial Engineering)

-Assist with conversion by answering questions / providing Code Snippets

-Provide example of using embedded fire bird dB to store and retrieve TradeScript scripts

-Provide assistance with exporting TradeScript results to a CSV file

If you do not have StockChart but feel comfortable with the requirements your bid will be consifered if you are willing to work with me as described.

## Deliverables

**Programmer must have access to the stock chart x component

(Modulus Financial Engineering)

**Programmer must be willing to work with a new delphi programmer, willing to answer questions and explain concepts

During a previous project I asked to have a Delphi rountine put together that could perform simple calulations on an array of stock market data.

I need someone to review the code and make changes to:

1. improve programming efficiency flow, I noticed repeat use of consecutive for loops. The programmer that takes this on must be familiar with consolodating such logic. Also the spin edit controls most likely need to be reworked as the previous programmer used tokenizing to verify the values (I may have misinterpeted this but I do believe a simple backcheck of the value would have been a better approach).

2. reduce screen flicker on load, data grid resizes at load time, coder probably didn't have a chance to finish the tweeks...

3. incorporate multi threading where it makes sense, AND Perhaps move code out of the main form and into separate class(es)

4. complete array filtering to allow simple math on colums of data. Math to be performmed on data before and after filterhas been applied so the user can see the variance in the results. For example perform calulations on all the data. Then filter the list based on the opening move, remove the rows outside of the filter parameters and recalculate the trade statistics.

5. Use INI file manipulation to retrieve program settings (data Paths, chart colors...) At the present the coder chose to use a configuration file set. Not sure if this is the best approach. I do not have any desire to go into the windows registry for this aspect of the project. Must also be able to come up with a way of creating color schemes that can be loaded via an options dialog. Add to this concept by providing a menu selected options dialog that will be used to set common program parameters and set Stock Chart technical analysis parameter settings.

6. Verify value or percent math is working correctly.

7. Add another column of data to the data grid, 1d array will be made available from the integration of the tradescript functionality.

This column will be used as another filter point. The 1d array will be TRUE or FALSE values or if not available you will need to fill the array with something like "N/A".

If an analysis proves true for a particular date a True value is added to the 1d array. Once this daily technical analysis is complete and the 1d array has been forwarded. the 5minute data routine will be able to filter on the true values, keeping the day after the TRUE value.

Say a trigger is detected on monday....the filter keeps tuesday. The goal being if a trigger was detected did the market move the next day.

8. StockChartX Integration - Integrate the Modulus financial engine StockChartX charting example into the last page tab of the existing application, I will forward this to you as I have made user interface changes. Must be able to incorporate the following specific functions:

1. Mouse wheel scrolling (most likly already available in example)

2. Mouse wheel press - icon turns to a glove

3. Mouse wheel press and drag - dragging mouse pans chart in direction of drag

3. Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Scroll - Zooms chart in and out

4. Display data information in a box upper left corner of the chart

5. Set a data block to be viewed in the chart via a picklist

For example "Two Weeks i"s selected in the listbox. The user selects a date from a listbox of the stock symbols earnings dates. And the chart brings that date to the middle of the chart with two weeks of pre and post data.

5-NOTE. The Stocks earnings dates are stored in a single column csv file. As a stock is selected from the main symbol list the following actions need to happen:

-Quickly look at the stocks daily data file and retrieve the first and last date available.

-Load the selected stocks earnings dates into to the stocks earnings dates list box

Now that you have the first and last date available for the stock when you hover the mouse over the date selector a balloon pops up showing the valid date range for the stock selected.

NOTE - There is a date routine in the original code that verifies if a weekend date has been selected (or a holiday) this should be reviewed too.

6. Right click chart functions:

-Show Market Data, turns small box on and off in upper left corner

-Toggle Candles or Line chart (open, High, Low, Close)

-Go to Date, date dialog pops up, once date is selected that date goes to the center of the chart.

-Turn Cursor on and off

7. Assist me with intergating the technical analysis functionality into the application. I have the StockChartX andTradeScript libraries. I am currently working on converting the TradeScript ARROW BACKTEST example from Visual Studio VB2005 into Delphi XE. The goal under this phase is to get it conveted and integrated. As you may not have TradeScript I / we may have to converse via code snippets and asking questions about integrating into the source code you are working on.

-As part of this tradescript integration a routine needs to be developed to output the trade data to a csv file AND provide the 1d array of trigger dates (when the technical analysis detected an event) to the 5 minute routine.

8. Once the Technical Analys has been sucessfully integrated I may need some guidance on using embedded firebird to store and retrieve simple scripts. Each record will most likely contain:

-Script Title

-Buy Script

-Sell Script

-Exit Script

-Script Notes

Typical Functionality of add, remove records will be required.

The user will use a drop down list to select the script and the record information will populate the script entry boxes. A look at the TradeScript manual will clear up some of the confusion.

****NOTE the attached files are from the original Phase I Project. They have been provided to show what the intent of Phase I was all about. In short:

-Retrieve 5 minute stock data

-sub divide into days

-enter a user defined value OR percent

-Add that value to the daily opening value (adding a (-) is like subtracting)

-Look for that value in a user defined data window (say 9:35 to 10:30)

-Compare against data window to see if you got into a trade

-Compare from the next 5m bar forward against a user defined exit target value.

-Verify if you got out, hit a stop loss, or did not get out by 10:30 so you were forced out regardless at 10:35.

-Calulate the trade stats

And in a nutshell that is what phase I was.

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