Searchable CV Database with clone of 5 level mlm program

The concept is as follows. We need a web site with a clone of the five level mlm program used by [url removed, login to view] to serve as the mlm side of our business. We want to link this to a searchable database of members CVs. The database will be an archive of Cvs created by members which will be searchable by country, city and profession. We want the web site to also have some other page features found on the [url removed, login to view] site.

We are looking for a competent team who will give us many years of positive support and backup. For this reason we would prefer a company who has at least a four year track record or has very good mlm references. You must understand how mlm programs work and be able to clone exactly the five level program used by go4millions. You must be able to analyse and clone the mlm programs front and backend features exactly without input from us. Do not bid if you are unfamiliar with the mlm industry. You must have a very good grasp of the English language.

Please study the five level mlm program at the [url removed, login to view] site carefully first before bidding. It is free to sign up and you can access almost every page on the site. Please read this whole bid document. We will not under any circumstance pay for incomplete or unsatisfactory work. Payment to be via escrow. The project must be finished on time and to a high standard comparable to other mlm industry leaders.

We are looking for a total package that you have tested. It must be free of bugs and function at the highest possible standard.

The winning bidder should have previous experience in completing multi level marketing work including but not limited to the following areas. The copy writing of the text, Graphic design and layout, Creation of banner ads like those on go4millions and the creation of the CV database as described above.

You must have the ability to code a bug free script that works well. You must be able to develop and integrate the two elements envisaged namely the clone of the five level mlm program from go4millions and the database of CVs seamlessly in a single web site that is easy to understand and fast to use.

As this is an overview of what we want you should also be able to add your own professional recommendations and refinements to this project.

The database should be searchable and must have the following search criterion. Country, City, Profession. It must have a worldwide country /city index. We shall be selling memberships which will allow our members to create their CV on our database and access the other features available to members only. This is our product.

We want the overall design, layout and color scheme of our web site to be the same as go4millions. A new logo and some graphic elements need to be added to make our site unique.

All work created by your team for this project will be considered as work created for hire. We must receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. Do not bid if this condition is unacceptable to your company. All copyright ramifications are to be explained to us and agreed to by us before commencing work.

The designs must be original and all work done to a high standard and appearance like

We will supply all copy.

We will register the domain name.

People will be able to join for free just like the go4millions system. With us they would create their CV online by filling in a simple form and uploading an image and other information if chosen. The CV will be added to the database immediately but the section that has contact details will not be visible until they have confirmed their membership by paying. The program must be able to block any attempt to load a CV that has e mail addresses or web addresses hidden in the other sections of information. These addresses must only appear in the contact details section on the CV when the member has paid.

Payment will be via a gateway such as [url removed, login to view]

There also needs to be a facility that allows management to manually credit members if they have paid directly into the company bank account offline. The system must also update the referral commission calculations in the mlm system for these members once management manually credits the system.

Once members have paid their contact details will be visible on their CV.

In addition they will be able to access the database and search for other members using the different criterion. The initial period of free membership should last for fifteen days during which time a series of automatic messages should be sent to them encouraging them to confirm their membership by paying. Members who have paid must not receive these messages. This simple auto response system must be created by your team.

We need a mail messaging system that will handle all e-mail sent to us at the site. It must be able to send auto replies to the incoming mail and allow us to manage incoming and outgoing mail. It should allow us to forward the incoming mail to another address if required. We also want it to allow us to send replies using the site address and not from our local host. I.e.: from info at [url removed, login to view] not info-ourco at [url removed, login to view]

We want your input on this feature. There are features like these with [url removed, login to view] e-mail accounts which are quite inexpensive.

Emphasis will be placed on the ability of our system to boost members earnings and career prospects by letting them tap into a worldwide network of employers and businesses who might use our database to locate candidates to fill vacancies in their organisations.

The concept of being global must be included in the design of the web site and logo.

The ability for members to earn one million dollars from our mlm program is key to our marketing strategy.

The mlm side of this business is very important to us.

All members will be affiliates of the mlm program and will get a homepage with their name on it just like the go4million system. You can get a better idea by reading the page How it works at go4millions.

The following pages are on the site go4millions.

We want these page features for our web site. Most of these pages are quite simple. We have numbered them just to list the different headings that we envisage for our site.

1. Home

2. Sign up now

3. Privacy Statement

4. Become an independent membership consultants.

5. Testimonials page

6. Newsletter

7. Employers join for free

8. FAQ

[url removed, login to view] background

10. Support

11. Contact us

12. How it works

13. Terms and conditions

14. Spam policy

15. Report Spam here

16. Members area – For MLM affiliates includes pages [url removed, login to view] to 29.

Members area [16 above] has the following pages No. 17 to 29.

17. Home for MLM affiliates and Independent membership consultants.

18. Cancel membership


20. Get banners – (simply copy & change go4millions banner ads)

21. Text ads

22. Marketing tips

23. Manage investments

24. Check your earnings

25. Progress report

26. Manage notifications

27. Contact management

28. Invite your friends

29. Share your views

These pages (30 to 36) are for the CV database.

30. Home for database

31. Sign in database

32. Create your CV

33. Search CV database

34. Update my password

35. My CV

36. Edit my CV

The following is a brief outline of the various features numbered above.

4. The features required on the page - Become a consultant, are as follows. We are going to appoint consultants who will represent our company in the regional cities where they will be responsible for marketing and growing the membership base. They will be known as Independent membership consultants. These consultants will sign up by choosing the consultant option and paying the fee. This will give them a different homepage to the normal affiliates homepage. The consultants homepage must allow their photo to be uploaded as well as a section with their contact details. Otherwise the homepage is the same as for affiliates. Consultants are actually the same as the ordinary members/affiliates only they present themselves differently. Payment to consultants will be calculated the same way as for normal affiliates however they will also get a signup bonus for each new member they recruit. This will be calculated separately using the normal mlm affiliate statistics, so the mlm commission calculation system remains the same as [url removed, login to view] They must fill their downline level 1 to 5 and get paid when they have completed each round like the normal affiliates. We will pay the signup bonus to them separately based on the number of new signups they achieve.

5. Testimonials page - lets members write a testimonial about our companies service and mlm program and post it directly with a photo of themselves if they want. We would need a feature to check or edit them.

7. Employers join for free. This feature will allow companies and prospective employers to join for free and get a search only membership that will enable them to only search the database and not create a CV. It is envisaged that they will get a free password to enter the site by filling in their company name and a few other details including their e-mail address. The system should then automatically send them a password. Their name, address, company and location will then be automatically added to the list of registered employers which will only be visible to management.

30. Home for database - This is where the members will arrive at after signing in. The design, colors and layout should be the same as for the rest of the site and must follow the requirements to clone aspects of the go4millions site design.

31. Sign in to database – A paid up member will get a password to use to enter this side of the web site. It should be simple and similar to the sign in page on go4millions that we will have for the sign in members area on the mlm side.

32. Create your CV – This is where to create a CV to add to our database.

[url removed, login to view] CV database – Where all members can search the database using country, city and profession as search criterion. Members will only be able to search the database when they have paid. The free membership for employers will allow them to search.

[url removed, login to view] my password – would allow the member to change their password to access the database. One password is fine as long as it works smoothly. A different password sign in would be provided for the mlm side of the site unless you have a better idea. We don’t want non paying members to be able to access areas reserved for members only, that’s why we invisage two passwords. MLM password and a database password. We would like your input on this feature.

35. My CV - This is where the member will be able to see their CV as others would if they had searched for it. We envisage members simply inputting their membership number then their CV will be displayed.

36. Edit my CV – The member can edit their CV here.

Summary: This document is long however please study it and the go4millions site features to be cloned carefully before bidding. We require a project specification listing all the features that are included in your bid when you submit your bid price. Please do not waste our time and your own by placing incorrect prices in your bid. We do have a limited budget initially but will offer the successful bidder the opportunity to create all ongoing work and upgrades for this business as it inevitably expands.

Thank you for taking the time to read our bid document.

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