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We need a new theme for a game we are developing, and also for the website for that game. The website version and the game version should look similar, but do not need to be pixel-perfect identical - they just need to look like part of the same project.

The theme should be aesthetic, in general we are basically looking for something very simple here. The only specific requirement we have is that the theme use blue colors. A concept should be approved by us before starting on actual work, of course.

For technical details about the requirements, file formats, etc., see the attached PDF file.

Edit: There seems to be a problem with the PDF attachment... here is the information from there (with less aesthetic formatting...)

1) For the game, this is basically a new skin to replace the one existing in the game we are modding, which is Sauerbraten: Note: We are not the Sauerbraten people, we are a team building a game using their engine (so writing their URL is not disclosing contact info. Note that we have to write their URL here so that people can understand the task, see below).

2) Sauerbraten is a free first person shooter game. You can download it from their download page. The GUI that you see when the game starts is what we want a replacement for.

3) More specifically, we need to replace the GUI elements like the checkboxes, tabs, mouse cursor, etc. To be absolutely precise of what we need, we need drop-in replacements for the following files (which you can see under the installation directory of Sauerbraten):
3.A) In the subdirectory data:
3.A.1) guiskin.png (main skin for the UI - tabs and main window)
3.A.2) guicursor.png (mouse cursor)
3.A.3) guislider.png (how slider widgets look)
3.A.4) chars.png (a font - see below)
3.B) In the subdirectory packages/icons:
3.B.1) action.jpg (icon for a clickable option)
3.B.2) checkbox_on.jpg, checkbox_off.jpg (icons for checkboxes, on/off states)
3.B.3) exit.jpg (icon for the quit button)
3.B.4) info.jpg (icon for a nonclickable option)
3.B.5) menu.jpg (icon for a button to access more menus)
3.B.6) radio_on.jpg, radio_off.jpg (icons for radiobuttons, on/off states)

4) For chars.png - the font - you can use any freely-redistributable font, such as Deja Vu, as the basis for the font. The font license must be appropriate, and agreed upon with us before we agree to start work. In other words, the goal here is NOT for you to create a new font (which would have been a lot of work! Luckily there is no need to do that). What we DO need is for you to take an appropriately-licensed font and package it in the exact format used in chars.png, that is, make the characters of the right size/proportions, and place them in the right places in the file.

5) To be absolutely clear: We need replacements of the files mentioned above, that are **completely original** work. You can *NOT* start from the existing files and modify them!
5.A) You can, and should, however, use the existing files as a general guide of what your files should look like. For example you can look at the existing chars.png to see how your new chars.png file should look: Where each character should appear in the file, what size each character should be, and so forth. Your new files should be drop-in replacements for the existing files, so they need to be in the same format/layout/etc.

6) To check if your new files are appropriate, you can replace the existing files in Sauerbraten with yours, and simply run Sauerbraten. You will then see your files 'in action'.
6.A) To check that everything you did works ok, look both at the main menu shown after loading Sauerbraten, and in the 'options' section - look at the contents of all the tabs there (and the tabs themselves), at the radiobuttons, checkboxes, etc. etc.

7) CSS: For the website theme, you should package the skin you created for the game as appropriate files for CSS website design, that is, in order to create web pages that look similar in style to the game skin (and obviously the website theme should look aesthetic by itself as well - no unaligned edges/corners, etc.)
7.A) This means creating separate small image files for the various parts of the skin (corners, etc. - as the norm for web design), and writing a .css file.
7.B) To test for success, you should create a sample web page (using your .css file) with tabs and tables, that should look good (jQuery can be used for the tabs)
7.C) There is no need to create anything for this part of the job that wasn't created for the game skin. You just need to package the parts of the game skin in a CSS-usable manner.

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