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I am looking for someone that can design and visualise a set for a large TV gameshow. We will then build the set according to the design so it needs to be realistic to reproduce it. Materials will be wood, steel, graphics etc THE ASYLUM CONCEPT: Thw Asylum is a live 3 hour Saturday Evening studio programme, incorporating the weird, the wonderful and the wacky into fun interactive segments that encourage viewers to text in their votes, answers, questions, etc. Three presenters will host the show and segue each segment with fun interviews, easy quizzes, vox-pops and an overall ‘party style’ atmosphere. There should be a live studio audience of up to 40 people to create our ‘Party style’ atmosphere as in ‘The Chris Moyles Show’ and ‘TFI Friday’ or “Tiswas” and “OTT”. Set Component Requirements a) Main stage with a large graphic screen behind b) Scoreboard for players at home c) Section to reveal 5-7 letters (revolving) d) Section to reveal a word search grid e) Section to reveal playing cards f) Gunge Tank g) Stairs that the presenter can run up to a new level – maybe for jackpot games h) Section for contestants i) Money box - money whirls round in a plastic box and model has to grab as much as possible Features Presumptions Match the person with the Answer? i.e. – there’s a plumber, a banker, and a musician and the question is asked: i.e. “Who is your role model?” or “What do you wear to bed at night”, etc. The video play is then paused and 3 answers are displayed on the screen. Viewers must text in with their guesses of who said what? These segments will be pre-recorded and shown during the live Saturday programme. Player have to call in and match all 3. Locked Up – Drink or Dare A group of 10 single individuals (5 guys, 5 girls) are congregated in the studio at the beginning of the show. They are sitting around chatting. Viewers must text in which 2 people of the opposite sex they would like to see locked in the room together for the remainder of the show (or possibly week). We see what they are up to from the hidden cam . We go back to the game room throughout the show as the texts pour in, with messages, dares etc. Betting Games Two or more studio guests of the day are given an endurance challenge (i.e. – standing on one leg, cracker eating, milkshake drinking, etc) and viewers vote throughout the show on who they think will win. The texters with the right answer go into a draw and then play the jackpot game. This allows us to get in entertaining guests. Soak the Call Centre The call centre is show taking calls. Players can text in for one of the contestants to be soaked. Who Am I? The viewers are challenged to guess who the presenter is describing via a series of clues. The first correct texter will win a prize. Fast Fingers Every 15 minutes the presenters read out the multiple choice question, declaring the prize for the person who has the ‘fastest fingers’ (the first person to text with the correct answer). They will read out the winner before reading the next question fifteen minutes later. What Happens Next? A pre-recorded clip of a sticky situation is shown . The texter who can predict what happens next/ what the outcome of the situation will be, wins a prize. Who Do You Hate? Beauty contest of up to 10 girls. They are all introduced and asked why they think the voters should not vote them out. Throughout the program the girls are voted out one by one. They will all sit at the bottom of the stage or somewhere where they are usually seen. They are given the chance to let the audience know a bit about them by occasional 10 second interview on a rotation basis, then the viewers decide throughout the show. The remaining contester wins a (cheap) facial or massage. Advertise through usual networks. The Celebrity Opinion Polls Texters send in their opinion on the week’s tabloid stories on celebs, and we find out what the nation thinks! ie “Would Jordan still be sexy with small breasts” “Should Michael Jackson be sainted or stuffed? Give us your opinion” Picture Message Game Players are given a task – “A picture of a smelly sock”. The first player to text in the photo wins the round. Players can either text or email the pic. Head to Head Games A question is displayed on screen. We select 4 players and put them on air. Players compete for £1,000 by answering 4 multiple choice questions. Resuts display on leaderboard. Draw Presenter draws a phrase or film and players have to guess. Babeogram 5 girls dressed in Hot pants and T shirts have 5 letters on the T shirt. People have to text in and guess the word Jackpot Games Reveal 10 Cards Left right – players work there way up a ladder Reveal 3 – pick 3 squares and have to find 3 money bags Example Sets Examples [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view]

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