Convert VB6 application to Delphi 7+ Application

I need a program that accesses the internet converted from VB6 to Delphi 7+ (any version of Delphi beyond Version 7)

The total lines of the project are 2900 Total files are 16

[url removed, login to view] 332 lines

[url removed, login to view] 156 lines

[url removed, login to view] 164 lines

[url removed, login to view] 546 lines

[url removed, login to view] 76 lines

[url removed, login to view] 59 lines

[url removed, login to view] 41 lines

[url removed, login to view] 30 lines

[url removed, login to view] 942 lines

[url removed, login to view] 76 lines

[url removed, login to view] 128 lines

[url removed, login to view] 24 lines

[url removed, login to view] 26 lines

[url removed, login to view] 106 lines

[url removed, login to view] 66 lines

[url removed, login to view] 128 lines

The only changes I would like to the code functionality are I would perfer it to use something like an outlook bar (like the delphi-jedi one, or better) VS the MDI window crap. And I would like it to have full Proxy support (Socks, username/password, etc). If you add extra features that I agree to in the software you "may" be entitled to a "bonus"!

I would like it to use acHTTP and acHTTPDownloadQueue by [url removed, login to view] (I have full licensed source code I can provide you a copy for this project ONLY! You must delete it when finished with this project!!!). If you wish not to use it, I will accept bids using indy (should not freeze!!!) or iCS

Software communicates with several search engines to gather information.

There are several upgrades that I would like done to the software "AFTER" the conversion in the near future if you are interested. I can give you a list when you private message me if you want them before you make your bid, and make total bid. Conversion will require knowledge of PHP, Linux, and the NullSoft Installer.

I will not accept any bids without a "Private Message" that me to send you the VB source code of this project. Send me a generic bid without mentioning anything specific about this project and you "WILL NOT" get get project period.

If you give me a "good" sample of your Delphi Coding skills you will have a higher chance of being chosen for this project. It should take an experienced coder a couple of days at max to convert this project. I will choose off of Price and Sample of your coding.

All source code will be mine. I reserve all rights to it. The original VB script and the new Delphi Script. You cannot/will not resell this or use it in any other project.

Also I will not accept bids outside of GAF, so don't ASK!

Clean, efficient code is a must! Crap code that doesn't work or is SLOW will not get you paid!

I have several Delphi projects coming up soon, and will consider the winner of this project to work on them IF this is done in a quality and timely manor.

**** I will discount the project 20% if you fail to finish the project in a timely manor. (20% off if your work takes longer than bid days + 3 extra days) I will cancel the project if you take more than 10 days over the bid days. (aka no pay!) Don't bid if you do not like the rules! I'm tired of projects taking forever to get completed. I'm not the one setting the time line you are! I pay bonuses for excellent work and fast service!

*** Good luck and happy bidding. 80% of project will be funded to escrow. The rest will be funded upon completion if inside deadline.

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