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Innovative Health-Driven Initiative Seeks Investment Partner -- 2

$2-8 USD / hour

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$2-8 USD / hour

I am seeking an investment partner for my innovative business concept that intersects healthcare, traditional values, support for sick children, and the rehab of convicted individuals. Expectations of the Partner: - The partner should be prepared to not just provide funds but also contribute their knowledge, expertise, and advice to ensure our shared vision becomes a reality. Detailed Project Scope: - I intend to implement self-advocacy education for patients, teaching them to more effectively use symptom checkers. - The business model promotes honesty and integrity as core principles while emphasizing traditional values and ethics. - We are committed to providing personalized, compassionate care. - Additionally, I am passionate about providing opportunities for young men and women to be actively involved, running errands using eco-friendly e-bikes. I'd like to have a service called meet a real.. there's rent a cyber friend, rent a friend, this is a hybrid you'd go out and explore different scenic things at the client's discretion, or they can research and have someone from their town, ideally, or someone who can travel to them for a week or two depending if someone is getting surgery and needs a companion for that, instead of paying a nurse's salary and going through all the process, they could meet a real. I'm thinking the rates would be 20-100 dollars an hour. I'd also like someone to go grocery shopping, like door dash etc, but maybe for ppl who have cancer, dialysis or in senior centers and can't get out and can go on a live camera call and be one with the shopper while they're shopping so they can be part of that experience. I'd also like to have children be able to have other children as a real so kids for example with higher functioning autism, adhd, and many others such as only children can go on and make the day of a child who's in the hospital, or similar to them, hospital patients would get the membership free with proof of hospitalization, which would be a scan of their bracelet or something. I'd like to work out the rest of these details and I just want to incorporate where people stuck in medical-like facilities or a immobile, under house arrest, have access to see the things they would see or enjoy if they were confined. I spent 7 weeks in the hospital with a tracheotomy and couldn't even have food or drink, so it was very lonely and you know that would've made my whole stay just one visit from the outside world. Maybe we can offer exclusive discounts or work excuses or something for loved ones to join and go out and do these things for them. I was also thinking of men helping single mothers build nurseries, be a positive male role model in a child's life and was even thinking of hiring convicted criminals not violent or sexual offenses, like counterfeiters, or white collar, and they could stress how difficult it is in life to regain your reputation and get a job, etc. Also, if you had them on parole/probation it'd be logged with an officer of the law where they were and how long they were there and they'd have to sign disclosures stating they're agreeing to not commit crimes or give out the address to said individulas or they can be prosecuted and fined if any incidents occur at said residence. Ideal Skills and Experience: Knowing Algorithms and how to build a database on symptoms, I would like this to be a little different, I want it to have a "recurring problem" selection Know how to build premium memberships where someone can pay/rent a friendship/companionship on multiple levels. Someone who can get leads and traffic and can possibly get deals/memberships refferals inside hospitals especially children and longer term units. Looking forward to your contact if this venture aligns with your interests and investment goals.
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As an elite freelancer with a wide array of skills, I believe I'm the perfect match for your innovative health-driven initiative. Through my extensive experience as an executive/operations manager assistant, I'm well-versed in building and managing databases, which aligns perfectly with your goals to redefine symptom checkers and offer personalized healthcare solutions. Given my background in travel writing and deep understanding of algorithms, I can ensure a seamless combination of navigating technology and human connection in this venture. Moreover, I bring a unique perspective as someone who has experienced a long hospital stay firsthand. This not only helps me empathize with the core purpose of your project but also fuels my passion to create meaningful change within healthcare. I resonate strongly with your idea of "meet a real" companionship service, and can contribute inventive strategies to market those in restricted circumstances with due privacy safeguards. In terms of networking and lead generation, I've successfully connected and collaborated with various organizations throughout my career. By leveraging these connections, we can establish essential partnerships within hospitals, especially among children units, extending genuine support beyond traditional medical services. My aim is not only to bring solid financial resources but also add value through sharing my expertise, knowledge, and know-how. Let's turn this shared vision into reality together!
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