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₹600-1500 INR

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I am seeking an experienced freelancer to undertake a project focusing on cleaning text data, specifically sourced from customer reviews. This data is vital for my objective: conducting nuanced sentiment analysis to understand customer perceptions and experiences with our products more deeply. **Core Requirements:** - **Data Cleaning Expertise:** Proficient in identifying and rectifying inconsistencies, errors, and irrelevant information in text data. - **Text Analysis Skills:** Ability to apply techniques that can effectively prepare the data for sentiment analysis. - **Experience with Sentiment Analysis Tools:** Familiarity with software or custom methodologies for sentiment analysis is desirable. - **Understanding of Consumer Reviews:** An ability to interpret nuances in customer feedback, recognizing that this data can be subjective and varied. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in data science or a related field, with a portfolio demonstrating projects in text data cleaning and sentiment analysis. - Experience working with customer reviews for sentiment analysis, preferably with a track record of actionable insights generated from such analyses. - Proficiency in programming languages commonly used for data cleaning and analysis, such as Python or R, and familiarity with relevant libraries (e.g., NLTK, pandas). - Excellent communication skills, necessary for discussing project goals, timelines, and results. The ultimate aim of this project is to transform raw customer review data into clean, analyzable text. This cleanly processed data will then serve as the foundation for accurate sentiment analysis, enabling me to capture the voice of the customer more clearly and make informed decisions based on their feedback.
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I am Data Science professional and have worked on sentiment analysis of Twitter data and Amazon reviews using Natural Language Processing. Your problem statement is related to the same so I can definitely help you with this.
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Having a degree in statistics , I know how to work with data . As an intern of data scientist I have a strong background in libraries like pandas, numpy, etc. I consider myself fit for this job.
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Expertise in ML: Utilize ML algorithms to enhance analysis in Power BI, offering advanced insights. Certifications: Google Data Analyst & IBM Data Scientist certified, validating skills. Track Record: 15 BI dashboards developed, delivering high-quality solutions. Leadership: Led teams in Power BI projects, ensuring successful delivery. Holistic Approach: Provide end-to-end solutions integrating ML, analysis, and visualization. Client-Centric: Translate client needs into actionable insights, exceeding expectations. Innovation: Implement innovative techniques, stay updated with latest advancements. Communication: Strong communication fosters effective collaboration with stakeholders.
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Mumbai, India
Liittynyt elok. 6, 2021

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