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In teams, you aregoing to conduct a research project within an organization with which you arefamiliar and which you have access to for the purpose of your research.

Your team will beexpected to select a significant project undertaken by the organization andwill analyse the planning, organisation, conduct and outcomes of the project.

At the end of theproject your team will present their findings to the class in a presentation ([url removed, login to view] slides. PowerPoint etc) that will include a question and answer [url removed, login to view] class will be expected to provide feedback on the teams work, results andconclusions. Following the presentation and feedback you will produce anindividual written report that will be marked by your tutor.


Working in teams youare going to select a significant business project in a selected [url removed, login to view] selection will require an initial visit to the organization anddiscussions between your team, your tutor and the organizationsmanagers/representatives. When you have agreed a suitable project focus, youshould complete the following steps:

(a) Firstly, you will examine the decisionsmade during the initiation phase of the project and examine and evaluate thefeasibility, risk identification and management processes (4.1, 4.2)

(b) Secondly, you will identify the keyplayers in the project and analyze their management and leadership styles (1.1,1.2) and how they interact with (1.4) and motivate (1.3) other members of theorganization.

(c) Next you will analyse thecharacteristics of the organisational structure (2.1) and culture (2.2) and howthis has impacted on effectiveness of the project. Your team should discuss and identifyalternative structures that could have been used and assess whether they mayhave been more, or less, effective (2.1). In particular you should assess howthe project fits into the wider organizational structure and how this structurefacilitates the success of the organization and project (2.3).

(d) You will analyse the change managementand communication processes that were used to implement the new processes thatresulted from the project (3.4).

(e) Next your team will evaluate the extentto which the project was assessed as effective by the organization and thebasis of that assessment, the extent to which the project team was effective inachieving the aims and objectives set by the organization (3.3, 4.3), and theways in which the project close-out procedures and processes captured thelessons learned during the project and made that knowledge available for thefuture (3.2).

(f) Finally you will analyse the extent towhich the org. facilitated innovation and creativity via this project. What could they have done better? (3.1)

(g) On completion of your research projectthe team will present your initial findings and results to the class. Youshould make clear the methods you have used and relate your research torelevant theory. You may find it useful to relate your organization to suitablychosen comparators from similar industry/geographical/cultural areas (1.1, 1.3,2.2).

(h) Following this feedback session you willeach produce an individual report documenting your research for submission toyour tutor. Your report should document the research question, methodology,findings, results and conclusions and should assess the conduct of the team’sresearch. You should identify the decisions and tasks that were conductedsuccessfully and suggest ways the research could be improved. Finally youshould identify specific areas where further research could be conducted in the future.


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