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We are looking for Full Time employee who can work on our payroll. Responsibilities: ETL Development: ● Design, develop, and implement robust ETL processes using AWS Glue, AWS Data Pipeline, or custom scripts as needed. ● Ensure the efficient extraction, transformation, and loading of data from diverse sources into our data warehouse. Data Warehousing: ● Design and maintain data warehouse solutions on AWS, with a focus on scalability, performance, and reliability. ● Implement and optimize data models for efficient storage and retrieval in AWS Redshift. AWS Service Utilization: ● Leverage AWS services such as S3, Lambda, Glue, Redshift, and others to build end-to-end data solutions. ● Stay abreast of AWS developments and recommend the adoption of new services to enhance our data architecture. SQL Expertise: ● Craft complex SQL queries to support data analysis, reporting, and business intelligence requirements. ● Optimize SQL code for performance and efficiency, and troubleshoot any issues related to data retrieval. Performance Optimization: ● Optimize ETL workflows and data warehouse queries to ensure optimal performance. ● Identify and resolve bottlenecks in data processing and storage. Data Integration: ● Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate data from various sources into the data warehouse. ● Work closely with business stakeholders to understand data requirements. Security and Compliance: ● Implement and maintain security measures to protect data integrity and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. ● Collaborate with the security and compliance teams to implement best practices. Documentation: ● Document ETL processes, data models, and system configurations for future reference. ● Ensure comprehensive documentation of the developed solutions for knowledge transfer. Requirements: ● Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field. ● Proven experience as an ETL & Data Warehouse Developer with a focus on AWS services and SQL expertise. ● Strong proficiency in SQL, stored procedures, and views. ● In-depth understanding of AWS services related to data processing and storage. ● Experience with data modeling and designing efficient data warehouses. ● Familiarity with best practices in data security, compliance, and governance. ● Strong problem-solving and analytical skills. ● Excellent communication and collaboration skills. ● Certification in AWS or relevant technologies.
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8 freelancerit tarjoavat keskimäärin ₹194 500 INR tätä projektia
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Hi , I am Vinay having more then 13 yrs of experience in AWS , Database and ETL technology. Currently working as AWS solution architect and responsible for implementing data ware house system using AWS services ( DMS , GLue , Lambda , RDS ,Ec2 , S3). Very strong understanding and experience in AWS
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Hi there, I'm a seasoned ETL & Data Warehouse Developer eager to join your team full-time. With expertise in AWS services like Glue, Data Pipeline, and Redshift, alongside strong SQL skills, I'm well-equipped to handle the design, development, and optimization of robust ETL processes and data warehouse solutions. I thrive on leveraging AWS services to build end-to-end data solutions, staying updated on new developments to enhance our architecture. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, ensuring data security and compliance, and documenting solutions for future reference are all second nature to me. Holding a Master's degree in Computer Science and certifications in AWS, I'm ready to hit the ground running and contribute to your projects effectively. Looking forward to the opportunity to discuss further! Best regards, Raghav, BLW
₹200 000 INR 35 päivässä
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As an accomplished data professional at NCS, my vast experience aligns perfectly with the sought-after skills required for your full-time Data Engineer position. Over the years, I've specialized in ETL development, data warehousing, and AWS service utilization. Fueled by my extensive proficiency in MySQL and a deep understanding of AWS tools like Glue, Data Pipeline, and Redshift, I have successfully designed and implemented robust ETL processes to extract-transform-load data from multiple sources into data warehouses. Performance is always a top priority for me - whether it's optimizing ETL workflows or tightening SQL queries. Not only do I excel at aggregating complex datasets for analysis or reporting purposes, but I also bring to the table a strong analytical acumen to troubleshoot any data retrieval issues and recommend cost-effective strategies for maximum efficiency. Moreover, my experience doesn't just end with the technical aspects of data engineering - it extends to collaborative cross-functional data integration and ensuring stringent security measures are upheld—that includes protecting data integrity while staying compliant with industry standards and regulations.
₹200 000 INR 7 päivässä
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Hello I hope you are doing well! This is Abhishek. This is Abhishek specialized in Software development, Technical Analysis, and IT Client Relationship Manager I am a project leader who does various projects domestic and International and I also have a team of experienced people who coordinate in finding the best solutions for your software needs ★I have read your project details and I have been awarded in this field as an expert. Hence, I believe I can help you in solving your issue at the best possible TAT and price ★★★Best service from me: √ python √ php(laravel, Codeigniter, core php) √ node.js √ UI/UX for mobile Application √react(nextjs) √ website development(PHP, python, node.js, HTML, CSS, laravel, angular) √ project key solution √ application development( java/kotlin, flutter/dart, react native) ★★★Additional best services from my team: √ shopify √ chat bot √ e-commerce √ Socail media & Local seo √ ai, ml, deep learning √ blockchain √ WordPress √ android&ios&desktop&web application √ all types of business software √ ERP + CRM development √ Game Development We deal in a very professional manner with our clients, after understanding the proper technical requirements of clients rates are quoted and no prior commitment is given from our side without seeing and analyzing your work. "Looking forward to your positive response please open your chat window to more details". Thanks. regard, Abhishek
₹155 999 INR 5 päivässä
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Hey there, We have a dedicated team of experienced developers with over 8 years of expertise in ETL and Data Warehouse development, specializing in AWS services and SQL proficiency. Our team excels in crafting robust ETL processes, designing scalable data warehouse solutions on AWS Redshift, and leveraging various AWS services for end-to-end data solutions. With a strong foundation in data modeling, security implementation, and compliance adherence, our team ensures optimal performance and efficient data retrieval. We prioritize clear documentation for knowledge transfer and possess excellent problem-solving and analytical skills. Regards, Jyoti
₹250 000 INR 7 päivässä
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