farkle for python

Please read all the rules and then write the code.

Farkle game in python


- you should enter the number of players as a parameter (2 to 6 players).

- So, there user has to choose how many players will play the game, but it should be between 2-6.

Determining Who Goes First

- Each player rolls one die, with the highest roll going first. In the event of a tie, the players who tied for the highest roll, roll again.

- Once the first player is decided, play continues to the left.

Farkle Scoring

You cannot count any of your points until you reach at least 500 points in a single round. When you reach 500 points for the first time, you may choose to immediately end your turn to prevent losing the points.

Point table

5's = 50 points

1's = 100 points

5,5 = 100 points

1,1 = 200 points

1,1,1 = 300 points

2,2,2 = 200 points

3,3,3 = 300 points

4,4,4 = 400 points

5,5,5 = 500 points

6,6,6 = 600 points

Four of a Kind = 1,000 points

Five of a Kind = 2,000 points

Six of a Kind = 3,000 points

A Straight of 1-6 = 1,500 points

Three Pairs = 1,500 points

Four of a Kind + a Pair = 1,500

Two sets of Three of a Kind = 2,500

Note: - single 2,3,4,6 will not have any points. Also, 2,2 or 3,3 or 4,4 or 6,6 will not have any points until if it is four of a kind + a pair or three pairs.

Your Turn

- There will be six die and after rolling, take out any dice worth points after each roll. This forms your running score for the round.

- Roll the remaining dice, removing any dice worth points and adding them to your running total.

- If you are ever able to set aside all six dice, you may re-roll all of your dice and keep building your running total.

- If ever you are unable to set aside any dice (no dice are worth points), you have Farkled. You lose your running point total and your turn is over.

Winning the Game

- Be the first player to meet or exceed 10,000 points to start the end game sequence. Each other player has one turn to try to beat your score.

- After all remaining players have had their turn, the player with the highest score wins.


- There should be user input for every thing, computer has to show total score and score for each round in every round.

- score point should be correct according to the point table and note that die should re-roll for remaing die which has no point. after the reroll if there is one die left with no points then the score of that round will be zero.

- if all the die has point, user can choose to roll again or pass his/her roll.

This is it.

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