Urgent but easy: A personaly redirect script with a few extra features (variable usauage) EASY!

Here is a nice and easy project for someone.

Basiclly I need a website that uses a redirect script and some variables. Its not that complicated and can be completed pretty fast.

Here is the scope of the project.

I dont have a domain name yet so Im going to use "" as an example

Basically I offer a free type of service to users in a community. I am going to be messaging lots of these users special links to my website. The website will create a special tracking link for them and generate some basic output for them.

So, I am going to email someone a link to my website. I will email them a link such as [url removed, login to view]

user1 is the example for the first user I would send this to. The text 'user1' can be absolutly anything that I will pick right before I send someone and the website will use this small info for the rest of the site. So I email some one that link and when they click on it they are taken to my site. The site will output text such as "Welcome User1" "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah " Obviously user1 will change to any text that was on the link that brought the user to the website. So the site will display some preset text that I have entered into the page and just use the name varible to welcome the user. Also, the website must create a special link for this user. It will be a CJ link. So I will enter in the admin the basic link, such as "[url removed, login to view]; and the website will add the varible to the end of the link. In this case we are using "user1" so the link would look like "[url removed, login to view]; BUT I dont want the user to see this special link. So we are going to user a special redirect script like tinyurl to create a new url for them. This new url will be [url removed, login to view] and when that url is opened it will forward the visitor right away to the CJ link above.

So this link will be displayed on this same page inside of special html code. This html code will be the same for every user EXCEPT we will substitute their name varible in a few places. The html code will be "

So it will create a small table using the link that was generated. It will display an image that I have on my server. Everyone will use the same image. And when this image is clicked it will goto a new page on my website that will display the users name "User1" and then some text below it that I will write.

This may sound complicated so let me do a quick overview


1) Anytime I link to [url removed, login to view] the website will use this variable to do a few things.

2) This link leads to a special page that uses /ANYTHING as a varible on the page.

3) There will be a welcome message "Hello ANYTHING" followed by a small paragraph of text that will be plain and all users will share

4) This page will create some HTML code and ill in my varaibles.

5) Anytime someone comes to [url removed, login to view] they will automatically be forwarded to my CJ domain and their name "ANYTHING" will be added to the end of my link to complete the URL

6) Anytime someone visits [url removed, login to view] they will see a page that says "ANYTHING" followed by a plain old paragraph that all users will share.

So basically the site needs a script that will complete the redirect requests comming from [url removed, login to view] and I need to be able to change the first part of the url in some kind of admin or maybe even a plain text file.

The site also needs 2 pages that dynamiclly generate some text based on part of the url that was entered.

This is an easy project and can be completed very fast. Please send me percise time requirements along with your bid.

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