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This is the first in a series of web site edits all at [url removed, login to view] and all related to the decal design tool.

[url removed, login to view]

The above page will be the focus of a half dozen projects for the programmer selected for the project below.

We are trying to improve our boat name design too but will be starting with it's lead generation page, the boat name suggstion tool that is promoted as a place on the web to find a good boat name.

The project for this bid is to improve the boat name suggestion tool:

[url removed, login to view]

This boat name suggestion tool is our first draft of this page and it just isn't working very well. This page is confusing and it is all but ignored by Google because it's not clear to google what this page does. The project is basically cleaning up and modifying this page which simply draws names from a database and puts them on display.

Summary of work: Restructure the page to be a better boat name suggestion tool. Add Header and Footer blocks that will feature a base graphic plus easy to edit text blocks for me to word as I see fit. I am not a coder so I just need a simple way to tell you what to put the first time for text and a simple edit for me later when I want to change that text. In addition, I will want a navigation line so you can get from this page to our design tool, to the home page, or to one of several other boat related pages. Simple word links are fine such as HOME - DESIGN TOOL - VIDEOS - ETC..

The more complex but still simple part of this project is to comment out the code that creates the thumbnails and replace it with text links. The thumbnails are not easy to read and they hurt rather than help with finding good boat names.

Overall, the current format of this page is just not good enough to be used by someone wanting to find boat name ideas. It also doesn't rate well with the search engines since the spiders can't really figure out what this page is.

Details of the edit:

The page is made of 3 sections. The first is the header/banner,where it says lightblaster. I want to replace the graphic with a placeholder graphic and have 4 text fields you will provide that I can fill in with title, description, information, etc. The header as currently displayed is just a graphic and does nothing for google content. THe page should have the typical web titles, keywords, description and headers that the search engine looks for.

The next section is the navigation block. Here it has Boat Name Suggestions and a search box. Here I want to clean it up by making it clear that you can search for name types by keyword such as BLUE for any name with BLUE in the wording. I also want an arrow or button style link for page up, page down The options are simple, show them a page by either the keyword they type in or alphabetically with page up and down buttons. I also want a button for RANDOM names so the user isn't stuck scrolling through the names alphabetically. I believe the random feature is already part of the code.

The next section is the thumbnails. This is where the coding will be required to pull out the thumbnail code and replace it with simple large and visually organized block text name suggestions and convey the concept to click on a name to see the design the customer used with that name. When the customer clicks on the name you show the related boat image in that database entry. I want to keep the thumbnail code in place just get it out of your way for this page. The thumbnails will be used to show boat graphics that will draw from a database of JPG files I'll upload. You will not address this now, it's the next project.

The goal for this project is to provide a feature rich boat name suggestion tool that is intuitive to use, can be indexed properly by the search engines, and one that is interesting enough to keep a customer her and looking. The current page is sized too large. The page scrolls on the user because it won't fit in a standard brouser window. IT needs to be smaller but I believe this happens by default once the thumbnails are removed in favor of text links.

Finally, I want to add a footer to this page that is basically a color box and a provision from you for me to insert text in this box. I am not a coder so I need a clear and easy way to input my text.

I would like your best possible price. I want you to consider the relative ease of this project and will accept your bit giving you the opportunity to price it, look at the code for this page, then decide if you would still like the work. Don't worry that you will bid too low as I will not obligate you to accept the job until after you verify it's as easy as you expected. Work out your best pricing now and you'll get a half dozen jobs from me of similar or slightly larger scope. The next project will be to take the boat name design tool shown as the very first link at the top and revise that page also, it is too large and bulky.

I wish to award this quicly.

Please do not give me an hourly quote and refer me to your page. Give me your best price for the job completed and know that you are not obligated until after you see the code.


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