PHP brutal programming with Mysql

Put brutal, but just kidding. It is only brutal because

this project is just tedious typing work mostly.

Please check out the file attached for additional instructions.

Tried to make it as clear as possible, if you have any questions please ask.

This is a quick and easy low budget project.

To qualify, you must respond to this question with your bid on the PMB:

It just helps weed out some people.

What method will you use to store mysql pw on a php page source page

and use to generated user passwords? The method should be the same.

I'll be looking for the lowest bid as this is pretty much just a typing project

with some standard php/mysql commdands. Lots of typing, not too much coding.

I look forward to exchanging positive feedback with you!


(lots of writing, just trying to be clear)

a DEMO must be provided within 12hrs of being awarded project:

a functional CART using the template

means you had to:

a)create [url removed, login to view] with the data

corresponding to the forms

b)pop in the specifics into the lightweight php scripts you've got around

Writing such a cart from scratch takes only a few hours,

so just want to put this here to weedout any noobs. Thanks

(you don't need to give me the source at this point, just show me you've got it working.)

Deliverables Within 48hrs: complete project, including

a) the html and php files

b) [url removed, login to view] that I can pop into phpmyadmin


1) simple form fieldset generation pages (2)

a) main form is supplied with filename: [url removed, login to view]

b) an example of what is required for the generation is here:

[url removed, login to view]

just chose 1-4 and you'll see same form genereated dependent upon pick.

(do NOT use this example form code itself, as it is not valid)

the code from [url removed, login to view] IS VALID, please use that file for your template.

yes, you can rename it .php instead of .html

2) Form verification, anything failed to enter will be highlighted red with a box.

a) you can see what fields are required, becaues they all have red *

on them, CSS code is used here, additional instructions

are on the page itself in a GRAY box with RED border.

3) [url removed, login to view] is to be a9 item shopping cart page with coupon code ability

and discounts. Right now, I have checkboxes for each "item".

feel free to change the checkboxes to active links instead.

At the end, there is only a grand TOTAL before sending to paypal

no shipping or tax. yay!:)

3) setup to work with paypal with IPN (yeah cut and paste)

4) Password generation of 8 characters both letters,numbers and CAPS upon success

for a members only login area

5) email notification to buyer of success and order info, including the password.


1) valid form fields for required inputs, draw red boxes around the input missed by user

2) Form data to be single checkout page (php, multiple php files in the background):

a) Ability to enter a SINGLE coupon code (Although you'll make multiple

placeholder entries in mySQL, a customer can only use one

which corresponds to a coupon in mySQL. The coupons are multi-use,

but once a user activates one, their unique mySQL records will show

that they used a particular coupon.

The coupon code can work with the CALCULATE TOTAL button, inserting

all of the data into mySQL right away, before sending to paypal.

You have freedom here to add additional links, depending on how you prefer

the workflow. Please email me a quick demo layout of what you're thinking,

I'd probably be fine with it because I can CSS the links as needed.

b) Add items to cart

c) Before pressing SUBMIT MY DETAILS they see TOTAL purchase/details above

with a last chance to add coupon code and click CALCULATE TOTAL

d) Data inserted/updates into mySql upon submitting of order to paypal

b) Forward appropriate data to paypal for processing

3)Upon success of order, the buyer returns to [url removed, login to view], and IPN does the following:

a) updates the data previously input into the db with an order success record

b) at the [url removed, login to view], they receive page which will display

the order ID/and all the standard stuff/etc/ and an auto-generated

password because of order success(pw to be stored in mysql)

and can continue browsing,and gain access to members area, with

a link immediately provided.

c) they also receive an email that confirms their order and provides the auto-generated password

3b) Upon failure of order, the buyer returns to the [url removed, login to view](or other name you have w/your script),

and is notified of the failure and details. They can input a different credit card.

Their database info will stay in tact, but they will NOT have rights

to any area except for the registration information page.

Until the Database receives a SUCCESS from IPN, the database value

will be NOT PAID, once success it says PAID.

4) they can use the password to login to a members only section of the website where they can:

a)update their registration information

b)upload a limited amount files with limited sizes that will be stored in mysql,

and accessible only by the user that uploaded them, and the sysadmin.

Users can: upload/delete/rename their files into a single directory

sysadmin can: do anything with the files

There may be a couple tiny things I've left out, but nothing I can think of.

Provided as much info as i could think of.

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