Online Document Management Application (PHP/MySQL)

This is the second of 6 releases for this online web application.

This is not just a web site, it is a fully featured application where users will be logging in, there is some role security handling, and there potentially could be thousands of users.

It is being programmed in PHP and MySQL.

The first release (The Framework) has already been completed; it contains the login screens, a 'My Profile' screen, the database, and some role handling. So the overall screen design has been done.

This release contains Document Management functionality - the Users will be able to set up and maintain ‘Programs’, which are documents + some attributes such as ‘created by’, ‘share with’, ‘year to be taught to’.



* My Desk – Contains list of Programs. User can select one and click one of the following buttons: opy, Modify, Delete, Add a new Program, Upload their own Program

* Search for a Program – User enters some criteria and clicks ‘Search’ Button. The search results list displays and the user can click ‘Add to my Programs (which just makes a copy of it) or Cancel.

* View a Program – The Program selected is displayed and can be printed.

* Modify a Program – The Program selected is displayed and the user can modify it. The format of the documents hasn’t been decided on, this is an area I would like the programmer to come up with a solution for.

* Upload a Document and Save it as a Program – The user can upload their own document, and save it off with some Program details. Again, the format of the documents or how they will be uploaded hasn’t been decided on and the Programmer will need to come up with a solution.

* Copy a Program – The selected Program is copied, and the user saves it off with their own Program details entered.


‘My Profile’ will need some minor changes to move content over to the new ‘My Desk’ screen


Programs can be printed, with additional info being printed on the footer.


o We don’t want the Program Content (documents) to be easily soft copied by the users.

o We have no assumptions around what format the documents will be kept in or uploaded in. The solution as to how to do all this lies with the programmer. However it is handled, it needs to be easy to use and any conversions need to be seamless to the user. Our priority is that it is simple to use by the user – they need to be able to upload documents in word or PDF at least. ***In your Bid please indicate how you will handled the uploading and modifying of the documents online***

o Documents will never be downloaded, only printed, or modified online.


o Functional Specification Document

o GUI Definitions

o Wireframes for all screens

o The mySQL database with all tables and fields, and some test data in it

o The link to the domain where the existing site and code are

o Timely response to any queries


o Competence in LAMP.

o Design input, feedback, and collaboration in order to make this a top class site.

o Commonsense.

o Experience in programming of Online document management applications.

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