Fix existing site in Php-Mysql and css

Fix site PHP and MYsql

[url removed, login to view] The site is up and running so please look at it first. The site does not have a database for holding the photos. This was all done by adobe photo shop web gallery for the photos shown but now it must be done with a database.

I want to make sure there is a good login and registration system to this site.

1- Create 3 user groups: Agent, Client and Supplier

2- Able to upload photos first to the main site at one time. You can view this by going to products on the main tab. If I have 100 photos to upload this can be done easily. Then I can enter the attributes for each photo in the admin area: In order to this I will need to set up the categories and subcategories plus all attributes.

3- Allow suppliers to upload photos.

4- All photos are:

Thumbnail= 110 x 110, 147 x 110 or 110 x 83

Large Photo= 350 x 350, 640 x 480

********Now the best is where you can set your own size for the thumbnail and the large photo*********

Now I can set up where I upload one photo and it will automatically downsize and not distort the photo

Each photo will have the following attributes:

Category Main: Subcategory1>>> subcategory 2 *** we can place a photo into different categories and subs….


Item N#: always set

Item Name: always set

Description: always set.

Cost price: Internal (always hidden from Viewer only website staff can see this based on permissions)

Price: This is hidden as default value.

Main Site: Products area

Allow for Main Category>>>> subcategory1>>> subcategory2

Allow for Main categories to be set up and subcategories: Total will be 3 deep.

Main Category is Accessories : (1)

Sub Category 1 is Hats and Gloves (2)

Sub Category 2 is Fashion hats (3)

Sub Category 2 is Ladies Hats (3)

Sub Category 2 is Mens Casual Hats (3)

Sub Category 2 is Ladies Gloves (3)

Therefore needs a good system allowing for sorting. You can have the typical alphabetical sort or a more flexible sorting allowing u to place any of the categories as 1 , 2 , 3 etc.

You can also sort by Item Name. You can view above lets say fashion hats well this can be just hats. And then the item can be fashion hats then lets say ladies hats.

Now an item can be placed into different categories. Now allow this to have a number attached because I don’t want suppliers to just place items into 100 different categories so it must be a set number. The admin can set this number. By default allow “3 “ Gloves can be in lets say accessories as a subcategory and also in a main category like hats and gloves. With gloves being one of the subcategories

Now this is important I can upload photos individually or at one time: Now I can select to upload photos as one time and then pre-select the area to upload the photos in other words lets say all the photos belong to Apparel – Womens - Sportswear then I can pre-select this area to upload it one time. I can also place a description for all items being uploaded one time and also an item name. You can call this quick upload. Now as for item n# you can give this an internal number like the category-(3 digits)subcategory(3 digits)-ending number has 3 digits with Abc… just make sure it is unique

Suppliers Upload photos once they have registered on the site:

Suppliers will only be allowed to upload a certain amount of items this can be stated in the admin area. I can change the amount to be uploaded by supplier if I choose. Default value is 30 photos.

Now in the suppliers area there will be more attributes set for him to fill out:

Cost price:

Minimum Quantity:

Client can make an inquiry:

The client can make an inquiry on the site. This inquiry goes to globalsourcing via email. At time of making the inquiry he will be asked to fill out all his profile data. Once he has filled out his profile data then he may decide again to ask for another inquiry but this time all he will need to enter is his username and password. Then the system will remember his profile on the next inquiry.

Once an inquiry comes from the client (customer) it will go to global sourcing area called inquiries: an email is sent to global. Now many times there is no supplier as global is placing photos for clients to view without suppliers attached. Now Global can receive bids on the items That have no suppliers names attached to them. So before I answer the client on go to View Sourcing on the website I will need to get bids on items on the inquiry. So I can allow for multiple suppliers to make bids on the items so they will need to register in the supplier area if they are not a member supplier and then they can place a bid on each item. Now bids are all hidden. Therefore I need an area in the admin called Inquiry Bids. Now once all the bids on the inquiry are set ( it is possible to see many bids from different suppliers). Global can choose the one that they want to select as the final bid to show the customer and / or modify the ending bid price.

then I can send an email to the client to go to view sourcing in their admin area this is also done in the admin area (emails sent to clients). Now to the supplier it is not called a bid but an Inquiry Post but to global it is called a bid.

The client will be able to make their statements in reference to each photo placed for instance approved or other. If other they can state the reason for other in a text box. You can view this by going to login >>> client .

The admin must be nicely set up for this: So I am looking for someone that can do this and fully understands how to make it look nice both in the admin area and the outside viewing area.

All the forms on the website need to work properly: You can view the forms: I want validations set for the forms and make sure they are working at optimum performance. Now the date has a problem showing on some browsers. And the country also has a problem not showing up in php email. I want to make sure that any lists that can use multiple select shows up on the emails at present it is not.

General information:

• Request our services

• Make an appointment : you must fix the date as on some of the browsers it does not show

At the tab:

• Contact Us: does not need to go to a database

• Employment: this form needs to go to an email at present shows an error does not need to go to a database.


• All the registration forms.

• Forgot password: make sure that this form allows the user to retrieve their password.

You must make the restricted area work:

This area is login area for clients, suppliers and Agents.


My profile: I want this to look better then it is presently allowing them to view only their data and then they can click edit to modify

Request sourcing: I want the agent to be able to upload photos for each item they want to make a request for sourcing. This will be similar to the request for sourcing from the client area as well. The main difference is that

View Sourcing: this allows the agent to view all the sourcing requests that he has made for clients or any client he has opened for the company. He cannot modify anything except look at his clients sourcing. It is possible that he opens a client outside so there must be a way to link this client to the agent allowing him to view the sourcing.

Calendar: set a calendar of events allowing the website and agent to interact. An event can be completed then an email is sent out either to the agent or website. So the website can place an event to be done and so can the agent.


Profile: this must be fixed all I want is to show all their data and then they can click on any of it to modify it.

Request Sourcing: they can request sourcing and upload photos in reference to their sourcing.

I can then allow suppliers to make bids on the sourcing. In other words invite a supplier to place his price on each item. Each supplier can also place the minimum quantity (MOQ) for each item.

View Sourcing: This area is where the website can upload photos in reference to requested sourcing. In other words the photos uploaded in this area is done for the client by the website.

Item n#

Item Name

Description: We can also set attributes for this in other words:




This is set for each sourcing:

Price: ( can be hidden)

Last is that this site was built in CSS. However I want it to be CSS perfect in other words it needs external style sheets made and some containers (content) jump and the products area also has a slight problem of jumping so all this must be fixed. If I decide to change the colors or tabs this can be done easily.

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