domain name availability checker plus generator, G0ogle keyword tool stat retriever

I am looking for a

1. bulk domain availability checker


2. domain suggestion generator that has a field where you enter a keyword or key words, searches the keyword(s) using into Google's keyword suggestion tool while also searching for availability of each of the key words suggested for each TLD(.com,.net,.info, etc), with the results showing available or not available for each along with showing the stats from Google's keyword tool for each.

This script will also have the option of including hyphens "-" between words when a keyword generated is a phrase rather than a single word. if this option is selected, it would check domain availability WITH AND WITHOUT hyphens. If the option is not selected, it searches by default only, with no hyphens.

Something else I would like to add to the domain suggestion generator - I already have a misspelling function (generates misspellings of a keyword that is entered in) that I would like to integrate into the script, to generate misspellings of the keyword entered, and check Google's keyword tool and show the results - I don't know if this will be a very productive function or not, but I think it would be for Internet users who type a domain name directly in their browser's address bar.

So, the page that the script is on would basically show two options(I guess divided into the right have been left half of the page):

#1. The bulk domain availability checker where users can paste in many domain names to have checked. The field in which they enter the domain names should be relatively tall vertically.

#2. On the right-hand side of the page will be the domain suggestion generator that has a single line field where a keyword or keyword phrase is entered in. It will also have a checkbox to search domain availability and stats for misspellings, another checkbox that when selected will add prefixes and suffixes to the key word entered. Any domain name generated with these prefixes or suffixes should not be checked with Google's keyword tool for stats, as they'll not be popular search terms, I do not think.

I have attached an image that gives a rough idea of what the page would look like. I will try to create something to show what the results page would look like, for both the bulk checker and the suggestion generator and add it to this project description.

This script should be able to handle up to 1000 domains (hopefully, or more?) at once, without getting banned or whatever, for both the bulk checker as well as the google's keyword tool retriever/checker tools.

Obviously the script needs to work well.

This script will be put on a website and may need tied into a domain registrar's API?, such as Enom.



#1. Instead of tying in with any API, A STAND-ALONE VERSION THAT WOULD INSTEAD GIVE LINKS TO MAYBE 5 OF THE MOST POPULAR REGISTRARS, so the visitors can then register their choices of the domains at whichever they choose.

#2. Tied into a domain registrar's API, such as [url removed, login to view] is also creating an API, it would be nice if it would also work with it, if/when the API is ready soon.

#3. I'd also like to know if it is possible to tie into Namecheap's site that they give resellers. If it is possible, I WOULD LIKE A SEPARATE PRIcE FOR INTEGRATING IT WITH WHAT WITH THEY OFFER. They already offer domain suggestions, but the suggestions would be different than what this tool generates.

Here are some videos explaining what I want, if the description above isn't good enough.

A couple things mentioned in these videos:

With domain suggestion generator, only 1 domain extension can be checked at a time because of the high # of names that could be generated if a couple of the options are selected. So, the "check all extensions" for that tool shouldn't exist.

I'd like to have the function that retrieves info from the google keyword tool as a standalone function as well. So that it can be developed also into more of a keyword tool as well, if I decide to.

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