Create a customized RuneScape client

Runescape is the biggest online MMORPG, the client I want making is so when we get into 'team fights' against other members that play this game it will make it easier for us. like when you right-click a pile of people it will

highlight in a different colour their callers so it would need to be scripted into the client to find different names of our choice.

I'm after the client to be professional set out and have lots of drop down options so we can disable and enable different options within the client if you would like you can actually download the old-school version of the game from

their website at [url removed, login to view] and I'm sure you can enter their scripts somehow with your experience if you search up osbuddy that is a client that is used for Runescape with lots of added extras

Brief overlay of what I'm after. The client its self would be a full-size screen client with a login system for the client its self within the client it would have a game injected into the client which is obviously RuneScape, from there we

would need to add overlays each set of overlays are available to different users (warlords, Snipers, Leaders, Members).

client features

1, Hotkeys (I don't want hotkeys to be manually made I want them to be fixed so people don't have confusion and the hotkeys are set) Only editable to warlords/leaders.

- Cdkill = Flash3:cd (player your attacking)

- Cdca = /Location | Chaos alter | Return fast!

- Cdcorp = /Location | Corp | Return fast!

- CdGreens = /Location | Level 21 West of Green Drags Hill | Return fast!

- CdSperm = /Location | Level 20 Sperm Hill | Return fast!

- CdLava = /Location | Lava gate | Return fast!

- CdNg = /Location | New gate | Return fast!


2, Sniper list been able to add and remove players ( [url removed, login to view] )

3, Able to enable/disable master layers(MemberLay, SniperLay, WarlordLay)

4, Able to enable/disable Layers within master layers.

5, Login client that is registered to each user must get verified before use.

6, Screenshot option so you can press a key for an auto screenshot then you have a lobby then you can auto upload to a mass dump on the internet ([url removed, login to view])

7, VIP options will be added to the client within the future, which doesn't involve pking like NMZ Helper ect.. ([url removed, login to view])



1- on the map the white dots will be different colours with accordance to the teams.

2. on the top left like (osbuddy) where the cape count will say Team-7 Cape we would like that editable to whatever team we desire to input. (sv client)

3. Low health points, if an enemy player drops below a 40% hp we'd like their name to flash red on the right click option and on the mini-map. (new)

4. Runescape has an experience tracker built into the game example, you hit a 1 you get a 4xp drop but what I'd rather this say is the amount you're going to hit instead of the experience you're going to gain. (used within SV Client)

5. The health, Prayer the enemy your attacking is using and how many members are attacking him (this is capable used within osbuddy)

6. Have a 5*5 round our named warlords for the clump.

Reference to the other clients that use the overlay methods.

SV(exilent) client

[url removed, login to view] <- want it very similar to this but looking a lot more professional.

Oldschool Runescape

[url removed, login to view]


[url removed, login to view]

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