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The aim of the exercise work is develop a micro-blogging website, similar to Twitter. As an example

of the kind of requirements we need, users of the site should be able to:

• create an account and login to a home page

• post status updates from their home page, including tags (similar to Twitter's hash tags)

• receive updates of other people's status posts on their home page in a newsfeed

• subscribe to follow posts that contain a particular tag (for example, you could say that you want to receive all status posts that contain the tag #occupy wall street)

• follow certain users and receive their updates.

In the first exercise work, we need to work out the requirements in more detail. You should submit a report that describes the following points:

• a full description of the requirements, describing in detail how users will interact with the site – you can include examples and illustrations to help with your explanations

• data requirements:

 what data will need to be communicated between browser and server and in what format and with what structure? (You can think about whether you need XML/JSON/etc.) Your discussion should include examples (on paper) of data transfer between browser client and web server.

 will the data need to be stored on the server in a database? If so, what tables will you need? How will the database be used to provide data to users' home pages.

 communication requirements - how will the browser and server communicate. You will need to think about how the server will push updates to the browser and how it will know what updates to push. What does the server need to know in order to send the right data.

 site design - what screens will the user see when they interact with the site (these can be mock-up's for the time being, but will need to be properly developed for the second exercise work) and how will they navigate between the different screens.

Try to keep the number of pages to less than 15. Try to make good use of illustrations and examples.

Marking scheme :

• 20% for a good breakdown of the requirements and discussion of users' interaction

• 30% for data requirements (20% for data exchange formats, 10% for database discussion)

• 20% for discussion of communication requirements

• 20% for site design discussion (10% screen design, 10% navigation)

• 10% for quality of presentation (5% quality of writing, 5% for meeting submission requirements)

• A good submission will include a full set of requirements (nothing missing), a good understanding of what data needs to be communicated between server and client,

• together with data formats that make it easy to support the functionality of the site,

• a good understanding of what database support is required,

• followed by a full set of screen designs together with a supporting navigational scheme in the form of a sitemap.

• It would also feature a good standard of writing - good expression, no grammatical or spelling mistakes,

• good presentation - with well-chosen examples and illustrations.

You are asked to produce a partial design for a GPS assisted mobile tourist

application. It is anticipated that the application will run on GPS, GPRS, and

3G enabled PDA device.

The application shall allow a tourist to freely roam the central London area

and request location-based information. The location of the user shall be

discovered by the system by use of GPS hardware. Information such as

maps, audio guides (and images) of attractions and historical sites shall be

made available on request to the user. In addition, local business information

on services such as restaurants (menus, prices etc.), bars, and shops shall

also be made available on demand. In addition, businesses can push

messages to the user when they are near certain locations. For example, this

might be a special offer from a local restaurant with discount meals or an offer

of tickets to a local attraction.

Business can register via a website to offer services and load their push

messages to update offers and other details whenever they wish.

Application functionality

• User can get location information

o Maps

o Local sites of interest (Text, Audio and Video)

• User can also select (by appropriate category) other local multimedia information., namely:

o Businesses such as:

• Shops

• Restaurants

• Bars

• Police

• Tourist Information Offices

• Bureau de Change

• Theatres

• Cinema

• Users can also book tickets online for Cinema and Theatre

1) Get a local map based on their GPS position

2) Search for a theatre

3) Book a cinema ticket

4) Get an audio description (guide) of a local point of interest

Deliverables and Mark Scheme A document containing the following:

Exercise work Deliverables

Twenty Software Requirements that shall cover (use standard software requirement documentation) – 10%

A domain model of the system (discover as many classes as possible) – 10%

Two Use Case diagrams that cover all the use cases for – 10%

1. Using a map view to obtain a video clip of a point of interest

2. Messaging another tourist in a group

Two sequence diagrams that covers the ‘obtain video clip' and messaging

another tourist use case diagrams – 10%

Research and discuss the hardware (PDA, smartphone, iPad, iTouch etc) that

you think might make a good choice for the proposed system. This should

amount to 2 A4 pages 10%

Brief software description of your proposed system that should include:

Operation of the system by the tourist

Operation of the system by the business user 10%

A brief discussion on how you have addressed the dimension of mobility in

your design 10%

Class Diagram this should be a considerable refinement of the Domain model

that shows more classes and association details 20%

Your manager has asked you about using augmented reality in the


Research the topic of augmented reality for mobile application and discuss

how it might be applied to this application. Write approximately 2 pages for

this section (use as many diagrams as you wish). 10%

Reference any source material correctly in accordance to Harvard System Referencing

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