Expert of VBulletin Needed to Upgrade and Add Features!!

**My site URL**: I have vBulletin forums at my site www(dot)cappersinfo(dot)com. My forums can be found by simply adding a /forums to my URL. www(dot)cappersinfo(dot)com/forums. This is what need works.

**The coder must be experienced in the following**: I need someone who is experienced in working with vBulletin message board script and understands it very well. This person can and will dramatically improve my message board. I need someone who is familiar with the admin area of vBulletin as well as the scripts features and other vBulletin add-on scripts.

I need someone who can provide ideas, upgrade the version, add features, can suggest and add add-on scripts. This person can and will search, look, and suggest some scripts to improve my sites message board. This person will dramatically improve my message board.

**Timeframe**: I need someone to start right away on this project and have it done ASAP. I want the coder to try and get it done when I accept his bid. I want someone working on this today if I accept the bid today. I expect dedication to the project. However, the deadline will be two weeks. I would like it done in one-week’s time. If the coder provide suggestion and stuff takes longer, I will understand if a good job is being done.

**Price**: For someone experienced in this area and with vBulletin, this is not a very difficult task and should no take too long. This is a small business project and should be treated as such. I am not willing to pay expensive prices. Do not bid if you expect me to pay $50 per hour to work. I want reasonable bids and the project is open to suggestions. I will reward coder with big bonuses for great work. I am the type of person who would rather pay for quality work then to pay bare minimum required payments. I don’t give bonuses for bare minimum. I give bonuses for going above and beyond the job description.

## Deliverables

"I have been feeling really bad about this lately. You guys have dedicated yourselves to this forum and all I give you is an outdated version of the software we're running. You guys look at the same old version of vBulletin everyday with no new features EVER. This forum hasn't had any upgrade in features since I changed the smiles like 3 years ago. I don't think I ever updated the version or anything. For Hell's sake, the FAQ's and the Calendar have been down for 2 years and I never fixed it. I am sorry and I owe you guys more then. I am going to be making some serious cosmetic and feature additions to these boards very soon. I feel like a lame duck webmaster for not giving you any new options and features too look at. I will make some changes soon that you guys will like."

Now, I need someone to provide, completion of this mission/promise that I made to my members. Again, this is not black and white, I need someone to go beyond the requirements of the project and suggest some features.

I also must mention that some of the requirements and additional features that I want added to my forum I am not sure how to describe them. But, I am going to describe them as best that I can and provide some examples...

Bidders also need to understand that the cosmetics of the forum must remain in tact. My forum's style uses a script that pulls the SSI panels around the forums as well as the header. If you do have ideas for adjusting the headers or cosmetics in anyway, please run the by me before making any changes. The person I hire must understand and see how my style sheet for the forums works before doing any work and upgrading to my forums. The coder must also have a good understanding of this as well. Any suggestions to the cosmetics, layout, header, and panels will be appreciated and considered.

**Minimum & Mandatory Requirements:** I want my forum upgraded to the latest version of vBulletin. I am currently using an old version of this script and I want it upgraded. I do have a copy of the latest version along with member’s access to the vBulletin member’s area. I see a lot of features on the newer versions that my forums do not have. I want these features on my forums. This upgrade must be done without affecting the layout of the forum, the style sheet script use or any surrounding cosmetics of the boards.

First, I want my forum to have every feature that I see on other boards and then some. Some/Most of the features that I am making mandatory will come with the upgrade. Some will not. I want the coder to make sure these get added and I want some ides on top of the features that I am pointing out. I see a lot of features out there on other vBulletin boards and I want them all and then some. Some features that I would like added…

1. “Quick Reply?? of postings 2. More & better Smiles (Sports & Betting Related) 3. Fonts and enhanced formatting of submitted post text. 4. Any other ideas by the coder…. 5. **Non Cosmetic record of postings** - Sometimes when I search Google and I find posts from other forums. But, they are a record of the posts (or an archive). The posts don't include the site layout. They are just a text only record of the posts of those forums. They seem to be SEO friendly and get a lot of hits from Google!! I do believe this is a vBulletin feature that I am unfamiliar with. I want this added to my boards. An example of this can be found here: [url removed, login to view] 6. **Customized Linking** - One more thing off the top of my head. Customized linking of words typed. Some sites have a feature on their forums, so that when a specific word is typed, whenever it is typed, the word becomes a link (of the webmasters choice). When a user hovers over it displays the a bubble with a description of the link (of the webmasters choice). Here is an example of what I am describing: [url removed, login to view] If you hover over the words “MP3 “, “ringtones “, & LG in this post, at this URL, you will see the bubble with the link description and the words linked to the webmaster choice. I noticed that with this site, the feature only works when using Internet Explorer. I want this feature to work in IE & Firefox if possible. I am unfamiliar with this add-on script or feature and how it works. But, I want this feature and I need someone experienced enough with vBulletin that they can make this happen and show me how to use the tool. I want to be able to select words that I will be able to automatically custom link with the bubble description in my forums. I really want this feature added to my boards. This is just as important as everything else in the bid request

**Doesn’t work & needs to be fixed**:

There are some things not working on my forums right now. I believe that the upgrade will fix these issues but I will list them anyway. (When you bid, make sure that you include your first name, your age, and the words “cappersinfo?? so that I know you have read the full description of the project. I added this sentence in the middle of the text for verification purposes. Read on and ignore this until done). There are some things not working on my forums right now. I believe that the upgrade will fix these issues but I will list them anyway. There may be some other things not listed. Everything must work. I don’t want any part of the script not functioning properly when this job is complete. Everything must work. Here are the current things that I am aware of that are not working.

1. “FAQ?? section doesn’t work 2. “Calendar?? doesn’t work 3. Member’s cannot upload their own avatars 4. Admin area uploading avatars doesn’t work either 5. “Update post count ??" Last Read Post?? queue doesn’t work in admin area. 6. ETC (Other issues not listed)

This project is more about the features then it is about the cosmetics, the layout, and forum header. If the coder wants to make changes or has ideas for the header of layout, I will be open to suggestions. But, if he/she doesn’t provide ideas, I would like them to remain working the same way they were with the old version after upgrading with my vBulletin style operating and running exactly the same.

As you can see, I am looking for someone who understands vBulletin inside and out. You may also notice that dedicated to my members here and getting new features added. My members have been looking at the same forum with the same features for the past four years and I want to change that. I want the coder to complete all of my suggestions here as well as make me some suggestions. I want new features added to my forums for my visitors.

**Convince me in your bid**:

When you bid on this project, please make sure that you completely convince me. It’s hard enough picking someone to do a project on RAC. You must convince me that you are the right person for the job. Show me some vBulletin forums and tell me what you can do to for me. I am not going to accept bids with just a dollar amount and a message that say that you can do the work required. I want the coder to go beyond the requirements. Who wants this job?

## Platform

**About this project:** First, I want to mention that this project is not black and white and should NOT be 100% taken as such. Although, there is a lot of required material, I do need someone to help provide suggestions and take some initiative to add some features as well as give advice on other additions outside the mandatory requirements. I want to upgrade my forum to the latest version as well as add new features for my members.

Recently, I made this mission statement and made a promise to the visitors at my forums. I want the winning bidder to do complete this mission for me and follow through on this promise for me. I want to show you the promise I made. This is what I said to my visitors,

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