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From the Users View, when you come to the site it will have pages etc with things such as Hubs etc. I recommend you check out [url removed, login to view] (Thats the site I have now-freeware system) to see what kind of pages we have. I wanted to have a more dynamic site, check out [url removed, login to view] (Thats the 1/4 completed custom site, I need it to be completed.) when you hover over Hubs or fleet it gives you a drop down menu with the options. Those pages will contain detailed information about it, so for example if you went to hubs/san jose it would give you the roster and links to the charts to that airport. The fleet pages would have the plane with detailed information about the specific model, and a download link (download for members only). the intranet link would be the "pilot center" and only available info you login, so if they are not logged in that would be the login box until the login successfully. Discussion is just a link to our forums, it would be great if we could make it so once you are approved in the admin panel a forum account is automatically make for the user and login info is email to them. About page will just be about us obviously, and contact us would be a contact form. I would like to make it so that when your on the contact form you can pick who you want to send the email to, for example the CEO, COO CFO etc etc, the list will just say "CEO" and the email address is defined in the admin center. The quick search is an ajax thing that when they put in the departure airport name, or ICAO code (an ICAO code is like KLAX, KJFK etc) then click search it will search our schedules and find flights, if no flights are found it should just say no flights found and have a link to our route map. [url removed, login to view] Then on the map, you will see when you hover over a crew base (big dots) it give the HM, and amount of pilots. Right now I am putting the amount of pilots in by hand, I would like that automated. Then that main paragraph you see on the front there should be the news. I want to be able to type up and add in pics etc in the admin panel. I want to be able to show how put in links and images so maybe make it so I can type and do a little bit of html when making a new item.

Pilot Center or Intranet.

Once they login, there are links such as transactions for virtual pay, screenshots where pilots can upload the pictures (there will be a size restriction and pics should be deleted after a certain time.) Logbook, where pilots may update there public profile like password, email, city country and vatsim ID (the vatsim id is very important) and they can see the flights the files a report for. They should also have a link to file a report. When filing a report if they "bid" a flight from our schedule system the flight should show as reserved, and then once they reserve it the information will show up in the report form when they click file report. Only a few things should not be filled in like fuel burn, if it was or was not flown on vatsim, time it took to fly the flight, comments etc. I can go more into detail on that if you need me to. The next link is Roster, this will show pilots at the SJC base, IND base or all pilots. View Portfolio to see there profile. The radio link can be deleted. I want a link that will have weather information on it refer to [url removed, login to view] and look at the weather section, it has maps you can click.


If you have a form of admin status on the site below should be a link called Admin Main. When you go into that you see the admin panel, within the admin panel is Pending apps, and pending PIREPS (reports). It displays a number, it the number is zero its just a number, but if the number shows up as 1 and up its a link to the report or application where you can review the application and then edit, deny, or approve it. Below that is routes, within that you can view the routes and add routes. When you add a route you put in the flight number, departure and arrival time, departure and arrival city, route, aircraft and cargo amount. Manage routes just displays the routes and if you need to you can click edit and it brings up the info and you can change whatever you want. The next link is add aircraft, in there you add the type of plane (Airbus Boeing etc) the registration number, selcal code (When people see routes they see the aircraft, if they click the aircraft ex: A319 N901SJ it brings up a profile on the plane including hours flown, selcal type of plane and basic manufacture information.) Next up in the press release/ news thing, like I said above it would be nice to be able to add images and change text with html code. After that you can mange pilots, see when they last logged in, last approve report, email, Pin Number, vatsim id etc, pretty much everything they put on there application and a tad bit more. Next link is word sensor, that is for the screenshot feature. When pilots upload pics they many write about the pics (limited amount of characters) and they may comment on the pic. However, some people may put up words we can not have flying around, so I want to be able to type in the word and censor it. If somebody writes a word that is on the list it will show up as [censored].

Other items.

I want the site to be compatible with FSPAX ( [url removed, login to view] ) when pilots login and click the fspax config link it will give them a bit of text with there information and instructions on how to make it work. That link will be avail for pilots only when they login.

I need a link to our route map somewhere if possible. I also need to have a spot where I can upload the fleet aircraft, maybe add that into the "add aircraft" portion.

That pretty much sums it up, I may have forgotten a thing or two. The site is also done it just needs some more work and features added. I will let you (the winner of the project) login to it and see what is there already if you want. The search thing at the top of the page that is an ajax thing is almost done, the form part is done just not added into the site to it works.

As far as payment goes we are look for the lowest price we can get, with this being a non profit hobby and money being thin the price makes all the difference. I don't expect you to whip all of this out by your self, so I and my staff will be testing and going through the site as it is built. We will test everything and make sure it all works for you. For example the FSpax config thing you cant do unless you pay for fspax and have flight simulator.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

On a VERY tight budget now, so cheapest bid wins it. I'm not looking for a site to be complete in a matter of a week or two, more long term so that all the bugs are worked out properly before the site is live. This site is just a bunch of finish the script that script, a little css work here and there and add a few new scripts to the site.

Note* Another alternative to the site is me buying a system called vabase and you will install it into a custom template for me. Please give me a price for finishing this site and then message me with a price for installing the vabase system.

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