Finishing GRIT Website

The GRIT site was developed using Wordpress. The following features need to be added to the site.

Registration Page

1. When new users select the "type of account" they are signing up for, it should be linked to the type of access rights they possess for the site.

- The type of accounts should be “Players Account”, “High School Coach Account”, “Parent”, “College Coach Account”, and “College Player Account” (The type of accounts exist but are not set up)

2. Make the text on the registration page align to the left of the box (First Name, Last Name, Type of Account, Sport, Password, and Confirm Password. Currently the name of the field you are entering information in appears on top of the data box. It should be on the Left side of the box).

3. After user’s registers and click the confirmation link in their email they are directed to log in. Once a new user logs in it should be taken to [url removed, login to view] to set up their profile

Add New Page (setting up your profile)

1. Currently users are required to upload a video and their transcript to move on when setting up their profile. I would like it NOT to be a requirement to enter your video and transcript to continue on.

2. Remove dollar signs next to the name of the sports in the drop down menu

Home Page

1. Remove the following tabs in the main navigation menu: Login is repeated twice (please remove both), sign up, and blog. These tabs are located under the “Post your Profile Tab”.

2. There should be a “My Profile” feature available in the main navigation bar that allows users to go directly to their profile

3. The athletes listed under “Just listed”, “Most Popular”, and “Random” are displayed in a box. The information in the box should include the Players City, State, Height, and Weight.

Sports tab

1. When you click on the sports tab, a drop down of sports become available, once the user chooses a sport they are directed to a page that displays every users in that sport category. At the top of this page a search filter (with drop down choices) should be available when searching for players.

The filter choices will be: Position, Year, State, City, High school, Height, Weight, GPA (Not every drop down should be required. For example, the user should be able to only search by position).

The above filter choices are required when users initially create their profile page. When a user selects the options in the filter choices above, the list of athletes that are displayed in the search should be populated based on the information entered in their profile page. For example: The profile page requires athletes to indicate which state they live in (Pennsylvania). When a user selects the state (Pennsylvania) in the filter choice, the athlete should be displayed.

Search Colleges (Currently Identified as Search Athletes)

1. A search feature should be available on this page to allow High School Athlete accounts, High School Coaches accounts, and parents the ability to search for colleges on this page by choosing from drop down menus or check boxes of the colleges that have registered for the site, as well as by choosing a position (the positions the coaches identify on their page as a need) from the drop down menu. Once the position is selected, the universities that have identified they have a need for that position should populate.

Scholarship & Grants

1. At the top of this page a search filter (with drop down choices) should be available when searching for Scholarships and Grants.

The filter features should be

- Type (Scholarship or Grant)

- Category (All, Academics, Minority, Misc,)

2. The ability for the admin to upload links for Scholarship & Grants to the page is needed. When uploading the link, the admin should have the ability to add a type (Scholarship or Grant), title, and description for the scholarship or grant.


1. Currently the users general information (name, school, height, weight, etc) appear in the same table as the Statistics. I would like the statistics to be in a separate table and located directly below the users picture.

2. Currently the users can upload a PDF file. I would like them to have the ability to upload multiple formats (adobe, TIF, Word ect), however these documents should be read only. The document (transcript) should be displayed as a link on the users profile in the table which displays the user’s general information. The link should be directly below the users GPA.

3. Currently, videos can only be uploaded in Flash format. I would like videos to be uploaded in multiple formats (i.e, avi, multi media player)

College Coaches Profile

The College Coaches Profile should be set up similar to the Athletes Profile; however, the information displayed in the statistics table on the athletes profile should display a description of the university/team, school record, and the coach’s most desirable positions during a specific recruiting season.

(The below features should be links on the sidebar of the college coaches profile. These links should only be viewable by this user)

1. A communication tracker should be added. This should be a data entry form (like an excel spreadsheet) that allows the information entered to be saved to my site. When the user logs off and then re-enters the site the information that they entered should still be available. The communication tracker can be a link on the side of the coaches profile page and displayed in a separate window or page.

2. Users with College Coaching access rights should have the ability to save profiles they have viewed. A link to retrieve the saved profiles should be displayed on the sidebar of the coach’s profile.

3. A ranker should be available for users with coaching access rights to rank their players they have saved to their profile. The rankings should be a link (displayed as the players name) next to their ranking (1,2, 3). This should only be viewable by the college coach. The coach should be able to change a players ranking by dragging their name (the link) to a different number. A data box should be available to add names to the rankings of players that are not registered users (these will not be links, but should still have the capability to drag up and down to change the ranking). The coach should be able to rank players in the following category: Overall and by Position

4. Currently an Expert forum exists. I would like users with coaching access rights to be given an area in the expert forum when they register that is only viewable to them. The user with college coach access rights should have the ability to provide access to their area within the expert forum to College Player Accounts and High School Athlete Accounts (through an invitation code). This will share the information or dialogue within the expert forum with those players they give access rights to.

Expert Forum

1. The area of the expert forum that is only granted to the college coach should have two separate areas:

a. A Library that allows the coach to store videos by category. Example: Game Film, Practice Film, and Opponent Film. These Categories should be searchable by title or date. Once an invitation code has been entered, College Player Accounts should have access to this area. Only this user and those that have a college player account can gain access to this library. (Not the Recruiting Portal below)

b. A "Recruiting Portal" that allows coaches to post sample workout videos and workout documents (Theses features exist but the restrictions need to be set). Coaches should have the ability to grant users with athlete’s accounts who have signed to their school access to the Recruiting Portal by utilizing the invitation code feature as well. Users with access should have a chat feature and blogging capabilities.

Access Rights

1. Users with College Player Accounts should only have access to see the Home Page, About us, Events, Scholarships & Grants, and the piece of the College Coaches expert forum that is granted to every college coaches account. College Player Accounts should be required to enter an invitation code to be granted access to the site.

2. Users with College Coaches Accounts should have access to see everything on the site with the exception of other College Coaches profiles

3. Users with High School Player Accounts and High School Coaching accounts should have access to see everything on the site with the exception of the links on the coach’s profile and the designated coaches area in the expert forum

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