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This website is required by our client, we do have a bid of $800 US and have been talking with one other developer, who is dragging his feet !!!

The site is for users to join, log in, view their Postal / Email contcts and then to send them a MAIL not EMAIl, that is hardcopied and posted to their Home, Business.

This is essentially for oversees users, wishing to contact friends colleagues, prospects and family who are not on EMAIl within other countries.


Ok we have Sender we will call User A

And we have receiver we will call User B

Overview of Site.

The site, is intended for users to be able to join, for free, and select 2 types of membersip.

1. payment details on file, so that when they choose to send a project, they are presented with full cost, and its billeddirectly to their account and debited.

2. or payment details are not on file in which case, after they have saved a project, it is costed, and they can then choose which payment provider, etc.

The idea is that User A knows User B's postal address, but User B may not have an email, or User A may not know it. Such as sales director for company. They may wish to send resume to, etc etc.

User A can join [login to view URL] and create eye catching emails, and add photos, txt files and forms, and send to us. They would provide User B's details, ie that of the recipient, including name , address, tel number etc etc etc

How it works.

The idea is that, we receive emails from our members, anywhere in the world. And looking at User B's details, we can select which of our agents we wish to give the order to. Lets say we use Agent 1 , as he resides in same country as User B.

We send order to Agent 1, who prints the email off, via laser printer [login to view URL] then using registered post, mails this hardcopy to User B. This is done in real time. Concept, is for User B to receive HardCopy Mail within 24 hours of User A's order.

The agent also has a login to the site, for agents, and enters the reference number generated, for User A's order, and updates its status to, Post Sent .

This can then be viewed by us, and the User A so that he knows his order has been processed.

So far we have.

A Users Login area

A Agents Login area.

+ each order User A makes, creates a unique reference number for that job, so that we can track its progress.

User B

This user will receive POST from our agent, which includes, the Mail including everything User A ordered, plus details of our service. Upon receipt, we ask within mail, that User B contacts us via Post, Phone Email confirming receipt. Indicating the tracking ref number.

We , at head office will then also log in to administrator area, and update User A's order tracking to POST RECEIVED and CONFIRMED.

End of that JOB !!!

User A's online page's

We want a wysiwyg text editor created, where the user can create eye catching emails, and include files of certain types, inc txt doc pdf etc, that can be easily downloaded by us, and printed off. He can also add pictures, prices will be based on image numbers, ie. 50c per picture.

He can also tailor his email in any way he wishes using the text editor, ie fonts, headings, styles, colours ( colour is extra 25c per page for example. )

He can then choose to:

Send now or

Send later and save now, allowing him to log in later and to edit it. He can also for 50% of the price of this email, choose to send to multiple users. So if he wanted to send his resume for example to 3 people, and his order total is, $3.00 for 1 email, then for 3 recipients would cost $3 + $1.50 + $1.50 total $6

We need for the orders to be costed in the currency they are in, ie, in usa would be cost in US dollars, uk would be GB pounds etc etc.

Getting the idea now ?

Lets say the text editor is separate to the file upload area.

User A creates 3 pages for email ( standard A4 letter size ) costed at $1.00 australian per page to be sent to 1 user.

He then clicks save and proceed.


He chooses to add files.

As he adds a txt file, to the right hand side, it costs his order, so this adds another $1.00

As he adds a Photo this also auto adds the cost per foto, of lets say 50c per image.

The form should have 5 image and/or file upload tabs, and then a button for add more photos / files

He can when ready send his 3 page email + 1 pdf file and 3 photos for example.

Dependant on his membership profile, if he elected for option 1 under overview, he will be given a checkout total and a paynow button. Or if option 2, he will be asked to paynow, and then to be guided to his payment processor, Paypal Ikobo etc etc etc


The agents area is simple really, but to get to this area, needs an application by a user to become an agent.


user must enter full details, ie name address tel numbers post code, country, must be over 18 and agree to our confidentiality agreement. We vet all agents !!!!! and run a credit check against their name, and in some cases security checks, they must be aware of this.

They must signify what equipment they have, ie printer type etc + agree to print customers order and POST within so many hours of receipt, then log back in and update customers order status. They agree to pay postage and printing costs up front. They will be paid when item received has been acknowledged by User B

To apply they must fill in their details online, email, then print off the details ( 2 copies ) auto done, you can figure that bt, sign date and send to us by POST.

They will get paid 50% of each order value. Printing costs paper consumables and postage to be paid by them. Once they have completed 50 orders we will upgrade their payment to 60% and at 100 orders to 70% of order totals. Or they can elect that we pay for postage and they get paid 30% flat rate.


We will have emailed Agent with User a's order, and added the reference number for Agent to Login and update ORDER STATUS, ie upon receipt, they can login and select ORDER ACCEPTED, this defaults to ORDER PROCESSING until this point. When he has logged in he can change the orders status, to the status it is at, we forsee 4 stages:

Order Processing

Order Accepted

Order Posted

In the ADMIN side we can change order status, to :



These 3 areas, must be interconnected ie User Order History and pending order status > Agenets area > admins area, with specific rights to access limited to login type, ie agent cannot update admin section, and user cannot update agent or admin parts.


Once the order has reached order confirmed status, upon us changing status to this, an email is generated automatically to User A, plus a questionaire, asking them what they thought of our service, plus a voucher for 20% off there next order within next 7 days.


the site must have the complexity behind the scenes to handle all we ask, but.......... remain ultra slick and user friendly to all !! THIS IS A MUST

It must be easy to use, and get into, must be bore in mind that we could show this to a 7 yr old and a 70 yr old, and they can immediately get into the site, and understand how it all works.

The site must be clean, and easily navigated, and the login area, must be bright and cheerful and very very slick. The forms must autosense file types and cost the order as it proceeds.


I want everything ICONISED so that users can immediately identify what part they are on, .and what they are doing. Usual features, of tell a friend and add to faves etc etc plus google ads, minimal, but there. Also links to our other sites to be advised. Also require constant link to privacy policy, and confidentiality policy.


1. do not bid unless you grasp the concept of this website.

2. this project is copyrighted to Brisbane Website Design, and DropNPost is patented.

3. do not copy and paste a bid, we will ignore it WHOEVER you are and delete it.

4. this is gold members only.

Winning Bidder to be paid via paypal or ikobo, or international bank transfer

Winning bidder must be able to provide us with 3 demonstrable websites.

The website needs to be ready for deplyment within 8 - 10 weeks.

We REQUIRE weekly site updates .

IF !!!!!!!! you are good, and your bid is accepted we have many other projects running CONCURRENTLY !!

Do not be greedy !!!! Do not BID based on other bidders bids, BID what you think is fair for the work involved.

Do not submit a bid stating we are BLAHBLAHBLAH and give us spiel about your company, that totally does not respond to the project placed, we are not after EGOTISTICAL advert replies !!!!!



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