Actor Website Template (CSS)

I need sites designed for Actors. ALL pages should be CSS/Table-less design and be W3C compliant. This will be a template site, customised for individual actors so BUTTONS, BORDERS, etc should be created in CSS, NOT with image files.

On actor sites, the Actor Name should be the prominent part (similar to a LOGO on a business site).


All custom variables for these sites will be loaded from a database using PHP. That means I need this built using PHP pages. Everything that can reasonably be customized, will be. So BACKGROUND COLOR, INSIDE PAGE COLOR, TEXT COLOR, FONT, etc will be loaded via PHP. The easiest way to do this is to have in the CSS something like:

.maintext {

color:#<? echo $maintextcolor; ?>;


(This is just an example.) So, at the top of each page, there should be PHP tags with the variables defined (later, they will be defined from the database content, but for now, the top of each page should look like:


$maintextcolor = "000000";

$mainbackground = "FFFFFF";

etc, etc...



An actor site needs these pages:

HOME: Room for a nice picture of the Actor and some welcome/bio text. OR the home page could be just a nice big (landscape) picture of the actor and then have another page called "BIO". You decide.

NEWS/BLOG: This page should have another picture of the Actor somewhere on it, with room (probably on one of the sides) for a list of 5-10 News Entries with short descriptions (these will get loaded from a database using PHP, but I'll be doing that). Then when one of the entries is clicked on it should open in a bigger viewing area on the News/Blog page with the full entry (it's okay to reload the page to show the news content).

RESUME: Don't worry about building the resume page, just give me an incomplete page that matches the rest of the site (so the menu, design layout, etc but no content) I'll be putting a table in the open space and building the resume text layout myself.

GUEST BOOK: This should have a picture of the actor on it, a form for guests to use (form should have NAME and COMMENT boxes), and a list of the comments that people have left. The comments list should look similar to the comments you might see after a news article or a blog, with the Name of the person who left it, Date it was left, and then the comment.

CONTACT ME: On the left side of the Contact Me Page should be room for Contact Information for AGENT. This would be Agent Name, Agency Name, Agency Address, Email and Phone. Below that should be room for links (for example to Facebook or IMDB). Then, on the right half of the page there should be a Contact Form, with NAME, EMAIL, SUBJECT and MESSAGE boxes and a SEND button.

There will also be two additional pages that need to look the same, but have a blank area because I'll be doing the work for them separately. They are PHOTOS and VIDEOS. These two links should appear in the menu on all pages, but the actual pages I need from you just need a blank area (the DIV should expand as much as I want for me to put content in, and any borders/background colors/etc should also expand to match the content size).


To clarify:

The Custom Variables for layout will be:

$maintextcolor //body text color
$headertextcolor //for Header Content, if any
$mainlinkcolor //links in the BODY, not menu
$menutextcolor //main menu items text color
$mainbgcolor //the outside background of the page
$insidebgcolor //the inner background
$accentcolor //site accents (bars under the menu, boxes etc. If you have more than one main accent color, do $accentcolor1, $accentcolor2, etc)

Taidot: PHP, verkkosivujen suunnittelu

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