lottery website

This goal website is to buy tickets to participate in online raffles and can win one or gifts.

The site will be available in 5 languages and it should be possible to administrate all languages at the same time in the administration.

Arriving on the site, we can see the gift to win on the moment.

The gift will be shown as a flash animation. This event will showcase the gift. A button at the bottom right of the animation, you can click a link that leads to a page description more complete of the product and possibly the technical characteristics of the product.

Another button will buy one or more tickets.

Each ticket will be eligible to participate in the raffle. Each ticket will be identified by a unique code among the tickets.

The client on site can purchase one or more tickets. Ticket packages will be created for 5/10/15 ... buy tickets with a discount for the big purchase.

Buy ticket:

By clicking « buy a ticket » you can access to the registration page that allows a better knowledge of the user.

He asked his contact details (Name, Address, like Num, Email, Password ...)

With this information it can be identified in the future to buy new tickets for that product or another.

In the client space user may modify their personal information, purchase new tickets, show tickets for raffles unfinished and view the status of tickets purchased for the gifts awarded (ticket winner or loser)

We should be able to offer a ticket to someone else.

To do this, it will fill the same form from registration and specifying the mail address of the person who offers the ticket.

A dispatch of the ticket, you can also enjoy the gift of a personal message.

Person receives an email informing him that he has received from "such person" a gift raffle ticket.

In this mail, a link will go to the site, linking directly on a form or the one who was given a ticket between their personal information so that we can identify it.

If it is already registered on the site it can simply identify.

Once he received his gift, he can send a message to the person who offered him the gift, and also offer him in return a ticket or more.

When one has a ticket to offer select from a dropdown menu for the package which provides the ticket and the number of tickets to offer, you enter the email of the person who offers the gift, pay and valid.


The client login to the site via email and password.

You can give him the possibility to transfer their password by mail if he has forgotten.

He can change his password in the customer area.


Administration can add / modify / delete a product.

It will also close a draw. This will have the effect of any purchase of ticket for a gift.

For each product you can click a button to make the draw.

For activing this button , it will be necessary before to close the draw.

This button is active only once.

Sometimes the prizes offered will be unique so we will not draw a single ticket, and other times during a run there will be gifts more identical (or different) so we may draw several ticket. The gitfs will be redistributed according to respectively the output order tickets and prizes.

For winning tickets out there will quickly identify the winner by consolidating the identity of the winner in a table.

Name of the gift Ticket win Name firstname direction

1st price camera 23562 Jean Durand 12 rue du verger – Paris 15

2nd price e-table 09571 Marc Angé 15 avenues des lauriers


Once the draw is made, an email is automatically sent to winners informing them they have won.

The loser received an email that offers to go to "Check if you won"

In all cases the winners when they identify, are on their home page a message that informs them they have won.

The losers can click a link to see the results when they participated in a draw.

Adding a product

When adding a product, we must complete the following information.

Name of reissue.

Total price:

1st Prize:

2nd Prize:

3rd Prize:

(Depending on the number of prizes available for printing displays more or fewer fields' price)

Market value of the product:


In this field you enter an amount which is the goal to be reach before closing the draw.

Percent to reach before displaying the progress bar:

For each product at a certain stage displays a progress bar.

The percentage of increase will be calculated according to the money that each product has reported.

For example each ticket costs 10 € and that the goal is 100 €, and we have set the percentage to 60% before showing the bar.

It will reach € 60 in cash before displaying the bar.

Attention: The payment system for this project is paypal. Default paypal withdraw a commission for each transaction, you have to create a function that calculates the real money, says a ticket after deducting the commission paypal.

Price of a ticket

Price for 5 tickets

Price for 10 tickets

Price for 15 tickets

Price for 20 tickets

Price for 100 tickets

In the fields of price, adding the unit price of a ticket for each of the packs, this will set the prices charged for the purchase of tickets when a customer buys its participation in a draw.

Html code of the flash animation: In this field you will receive the html code that will display the flash presentation of the product.

WYSIWYG Editor In this editor you can enter information from the product. This information will be accessible by clicking on a button "More" at the right bottom of the animation (as seen above) estimated date of the draw: It will display a small calendar that will set about the end date of the draw, you can also choose to display or not this date on the site. This date is present for information to enable the customer to have an idea of the draw date.

For each product we can change its form and its information any time.

Page summary:

For each product will have access to a summary page that will make a summary and knowledge where is the conduct of the raffle.

It will then display the number of tickets sold, the money in cash for each batch, the missing money, a percentage change in the target (eg 45% of target achieved).

Possibility to print the page, convert it into pdf file in order to store or transmit it by mail.

It will also integrate a pure statistical monitor site usage.

The site will also consist of pages such as About Us, etc ... legal information contained within these pages should be administered through a wysiwyg editor.

The number of pages would be about<10.

There will also be a contact page with a contact form page and a basic map of the website.

It will be explicit url of the pages to facilitate the referencing.

The emphasis will be put on a clear and secure code. On the other hand the site and the database should be robust to accommodate rapidly a large amount of visitors.

Taidot: PHP, SQL

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