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I am creating a get paid to site in which users complete trial offers and surveys for money. Now the basic thought of the site would be to have a military/guns type basis to it. This is very unique as compared to all the other get paid to sites out there that just have you do offers and surveys for money. There would be multiple ways to earn money here. You do an offer and you get money and a set amount of bullets that range from 1-5 depending on the offer. Now we'd come up with an exchange rate of maybe 7 bullets = 10 SwATcash. There is a shop in the game call the "Armory". The shop has a selection of one of each of the following: Weapon, weapon upgrade, armor, boots, eyewear and a referral upgrade package. By doing offers you achieve ranks and each new rank opens up a new shop which contains better items but you cant buy the better items of each group untill you buy the items in that group before it. Ex. The first weapon would be a pistol. You go do 5 offers and you raise your rank from Private to Major which would open the second shop. In the second shop the weapon would be an AK47. You cant buy that weapon, in other words it would be "out of stock", untill you buy the pistol. But say you wanted to buy the armor in shop 2 and you had already gotten the armor from shop 1 but hadnt gotten the weapon from shop 1 you can still buy the armor in shop two. You dont have to buy everything in shop 1 to buy stuff in shop 2. So each weapon or weapon upgrade would add 1 point to you attack rating and each armor, boots, or eyewear would add half a point to your defensive rating. What these ratings do for you is this. Once a day on your account page you will be able to attack one random person which owuld be generated by script. If your attack rating is higher than their defensive rating then you can steal SWATcash and/or bullets (Not a significant amout and remember SWATcash is a separate currency from USD!). If your attack rating is equal to or lower than the other persons defense rating you miss the shot and nothing really happens. You have to have atleast 1 bullet to attack. Now the incentive to play the game is to steal SWATcash which you can then inturn exchange for USD. So basically you have three ways within the site to earn money: Referrals, offers, and the game. Another little mini game type thing would be the missions. There would be ohh say abuot 10 missions. Each mission has a couple objectives such as "earn $[url removed, login to view] from offers","recruit 3 referrals", or "achieve this rank" things like that. Now by doing all the missions you'd earn a medal or something. Other ways to earn medals is specail offers, total offer ammount, total referrals, number of offers done things liek that. Not sure what the medals would do but for now theyd just sit in your account page.

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