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I am in desperate need of a classified ad script. I'd like to be able to run a classified ads site and have it function similar to a CMS. Below are my requirements. Please do not bid unless you can meet these EXACT requirements for the price I am looking for. -Page management: -Unlimited page creation. -customisable page layout(hmtl template). -header & footer should be standard for all pages. -the middle section of the page is split into 3 portions: left, center, right. -left is meant for user login, and a few more modules -center is the ads info. modules include: ads details, post message system, -right is meant for help display. -all logo、banner、skin must be customisable -menus are from DB, can be edited by admin. Any new pages added will also be automatically updated on the menus. -all features must be explained on the web -admin do not need to change skin. -Members can change their skin(member control panel) from a list of templates available to them. -customisable css, javascript etc. -Unlimited category and sub-category creation. -each category has different skin themes, eg. house should be warming & neat, cars should be speedy & attractive etc. -Unlimited extra fields creation. -Your own boxes and options in extra fields, all through admin interface. -Header/footer management: -Customisable date format. -user can load any picture format and size, server auto image compression for faster download. -Image resized in a better way (set by admin). -Custom thumbnail image (in px or %). -Picture upload into mysql -file name -title -description -meta -admin can create unlimited pages -there is a tree view of all pages for the site -News management: -grap news from other site -only grap news header -news details are link back to the original site. -3rd party Links management: -a link to a online form for any "3rd party website" who wish to make a 3rd party link to our site. -"3rd party website" fill up our "link request" online form. -"link request" are send to admin for approval. -Approved "link request" will have their link shown on our website. -Admin can only approved/disapproved a submitted "link request" by "3rd party website" to be display on our site. -Admin cannot edit any details from a submitted "link request" by "3rd party website". -Admin can add/delete/edit any 3rd party links created by ADMIN himself. -Ad management: -Unlimited ads. -Update/edit user ads/users. -bad word filter. -Validation/moderation of ads. -Favourite list (bookmark function for members) -Chooseable number of ads per page.? -Listing with thumbnails OR V/X symbol OR Yes/No. -Previous/Next link on individual ads (detailed) for easy browsing. -Special ad listing (appears on frontpage...) or ads display rules: -Vendor image on all ads (when activated and assigned). -Multiple images on each ad. -Chooseable expire date on ads(option). -Email ad-link to friend. -Banner management: -program that can show different spesific banners for each category. -Banner program improved, showing ads in selected cats. -renewable banner. -Banner program can be different for each category. -advertiser management -User & group management: -support unlimited users. -support unlimited groups. -Ban/deactivate/delete users: -Banned IP address. -Banned email address. -Banned list for [at]domain and user[at]domain.com. -Require login for these pages: Contact poster, Rate Ad, Rate Member, Picture gallery and detailed view. -User ControlPanel (manage all ads and user info): -Password protected user area, where user see & manage all their ads. -edit personal profile. -Password change. -Lost-password. -User selectable language on enter page. -Membership management: -Loyalty programs? -Review seller, users: -Browse or Search for Users (many search options) -Payment management:[not decided yet, 2 ways: sms or online payment] -online payment (can be enable/disable). -deside what payment gateways to be allowed, and prices etc. -Charge Users to Place a Classified Ad. (optional) -Charge Users to Extend their Classified Ad. (optional) -Charge Users for membership. (optional) -charge company for placing their banners. (optional) -Media management: -Image compression and generation by either GD or GD2. -Thumbnail. -Reports & Statistics: -generate all kinds of report for the DB. -Display Users Online Statistics, divided into member/guest visits, browsers, OS, etc. -Where do your users live? in which country? how google define [url removed, login to view] -Where did your users find your site? -What are your users searching for? -Which internal links are people following? -Admin see a list of: -new ads from which category, new members, expired ads, completed ads, most-viewd ads, edited ads, bad word ads, -Report generated from database. -display daily,weekly,monthly,quarterly,half-yearly or yearly statistics as determine by admin. -Langauge: -support multi-languages. For a start, user can choose to view website in english or chinese(other languages will be added later by admin). -admin control panel in one language will do - english. -a GUI for admin/translator to login & do translation. -all web contents are store in DB. english webpage display english contents. Chinese webpage display chinese content(translated from english content). if some chinese statement is not translated, english content will be displayed instead. -Post message management: -every ads there is a post message board for all members to see the posted messages by members. -every ads there is a post message form for members to post message. [conditions apply] -all posted message will be filtered by "bad word filter". -Site management: -Backup tool. -User friendly installer. -Runs on systems with PHP register_globals turned off for greater security. -Log of all user login: -View old users that have not logged in lately (admin area). -Encrypted password in database. -Search engine: -customisable search fields. -All columns can be sort(A~Z or Z~A). -Advanced search, different search-page for different categories. -Search on global ad fields. -can select which columns to display after search. eg. price, area, street. -Email notification system: -Auto email sent to user before membership expire. -Auto email sent to user for receiving reply from their posted ads. -Auto email sent to user before expire ad. -Auto email sent to user when registering for account activation. -Auto email sent to user for forgetting password. -Auto email sent to user when a new ad matches user's search criteria. -Auto email sent to user to alert them of appointments. -calander: -editable calander for members to plan their schedule. -allow member to enable "email alert" for remind of scheduled appointments. -allow admin to list down public holidays for the whole year for any country. -public holidays will be display on all user's calander of a particular country. -bad word filter: -removed bad words from the ads/message and replaced with another nice word. -admin determined the list of bad words. -email alert to admin for such ads/messages. -article management: -member can send articles to the site -member can manage their posted articles -General: -IE/Opera/Netscape... compatible. -whether user enable or disable javascript or frames...webpage must work normally. -fast webpage download speed, 4~5 secs. -design - simple and elegant. Reference: [url removed, login to view] -all features are clear and easy to use. -all features are working well as one complete system. -refer to this site for page navigation effect. [url removed, login to view] -must provide online demo during development. -must provide clear, full, complete explaination and coding. -php + mysql -long term cooperation -meant for million users. User features: -site surfing - contact us, sitemap, browse the list of recent, or most popular ads... -Search database: simple search and category specific advanced search. -email to friend, add to favourite, print, save as pdf, make a complaint -do online survey/poll/general ads rating/feedback/enquiry/post question in Q&A, -view survey/rating/poll results Registered Users (Members,people who are looking for renting...) features: -each user only need to create 1 account for use the whole website. -edit their user profile. -change password. -forget password-auto password generated and email to user. -change email. (also use as user login name) -store "property money" info. this info will help user to calculate the housing loans automatically for every ads they open. -post ads -manage their own ads (view/edit/delete). -upload self photo for their profile. User can replace the uploaded photo anytime. -upload images/videos/files for their ads if permitted. -view their Purchase History. -extend/renew their ads expiration date. -Reply to an ads (post message on ads). [only members that have made related request can use this features] -make appointment online with ads poster ([url removed, login to view] house appointment) [only members that have posted "buy house request" ads can make appointment, appointment will appear on member's calander, email reminder will be send to user when date is close.] -do & view rating online (ads rating, house rating, member[eg. property agent] rating). [only buyers-members that have finished "viewed house" can do rating] -rate agent by property owner [only members that used agent's service can rate] -recommend agent to friends[email to friend] -a calander available for members to manage their schedule and email alert them of appointments. -make payment for their posted ads. -make payment for placing their ads at good place. -make payment for extending/renew their ads. -allow user to choose payment method. -view payment history. -view user own login history. -a folder to keep & manage all desired ads from the database. -Loyalty programs? -Sign up as other group of members: (each group has unique features) eg. -property agent -developer -valuator -lawyer -editor -interior designer -they can choose skins for promoting themselves Administration: -Defining categories and subcategories in unlimited depth, -'Locking' a category from submitting any more ads, -Definig variable fields for the advertisements per categories: -Support of field types such as text, textarea, boolean, checkbox and selection list -Specifying the default values of the fields -Possibility to activate, or deactivate a field -Deciding weather a fileld is mandatory, searchable, object of bad word replacement, can be kept private by the owner, and controlling its appearance in the ad lists -Creating sections of the variable fields by specifying custom separator lines -Accept and reject ads, or let them appear immediately - handling the list of accepted and pending ads. -The admin gets email notifications about the new ads, the user get emails about the acceptance or rejection of their ads -Notification management: all the emails sent by the system are customizable - the admin can change their text, or disable them completely -Bad word replacement -The admin has full control over a lot of system property such as the ad expiration time, size and dimension limit on the uploaded images, thumbnail dimensions, and many more. -Control the the apperance by specifying custom header and footer templates, or changing the stylesheet. -Viewing and handling the list of users Ultimately, I need a flexible backend structure which i can do a lot of creation and customisation by myself without much programming.

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