We would prefer that the site be programmed in Ruby however PHP will be acceptable. PLEASE PLACE IN A PM IF YOU WILL PROGRAM IN RUBY OR PHP IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS I WILL NOT ACCEPT THE BID!!! We have included the full specs if you cannot complete the project to these specifications do not bid!!!


Is being developed as a way for school administrators to easily be able to contact student’s parents in case of emergency. The system can also be used as an additional way of distributing news to parents. This system allows the administrator to type in a message that is sent to the users on its list this message will be sent by SMS, Email and to phones through an auto-dialer (API will be provided).

Types of users to be discussed:

1. Administrators – Are the school administrator or principal. They will have total control over their contact list. They may add new categories or add users to the contact list. Also they may remove users from the list as well as creating new sub-administrators and creating permissions for them.

2. Sub-Administrators – Are users that have access to send to certain list that the administrator has given them permission to.

3. Users – Users are the people that are receiving the information usually will be the parents or guardians of the students

4. Root Administrator – will be used by us in order to add, suspend, view reports on or change passwords of any user. This is also where we can create new packages and plans

5. Multiple School Administrator- will be used by school districts that have multiple schools.

The pages and functionality that need to be created:

1. Front end-

1. The index page – needs to incorporate our logo with brief information on the site.

2. How our system works – This needs to be a page where we discuss how our system operates and is different from other systems.

3. Why should we sign up? - Schools- This page will be a slight sales tool for schools to sign up and have a link to the sign up page.

4. School Districts- Has information on our pricing for multiple schools and information on how their plan differs.

5. Parents sign up – This page will explain the benefits of our system to parents as well as have a drop down list of states. When a state is selected it will populate a list of cites in alphabetical order that we have schools signed up in. Once a city is selected a list of schools that we have signed up in that city will be populated for the user to select from.

6. Contact us page- an email for in order to ask us questions.

2. School Sign Up- This page will allow schools to sign up for the service. It will be a yearly subscription based service that is based on how many accounts the school wants to sign up and how many emails, SMS messages and phone calls a school can send.

1. Page 1 - The form must have general information fields – School Name, Contact Person, Address, City, State, Contact Phone, Contact Email, Create username, create password, verify password.

2. Page 2 - Select a package- Packages determine how many users a list can have as well as how many of each message that they are allowed to send out. A sample package would be: up to 500 accounts with 10 SMS blasts, 10 Phone calls and 100 email messages.

3. Page 3 – Payment – We will only accept payment through credit card. We will use Paypal as a payment gateway.

3. Parents Sign up page – This is where the parents sign up for free to use the system.

1. They have already selected their child’s school so this information will populate in the form. There will be other form fields for the parent to fill out all contact information will be added in the database as how we contact them– Name, Student’s name, username, password, verify password Phone#1, Phone#2, Mobile phone for SMS#1, Mobile phone for SMS#2, Email Address #1, Email Address #2, Email Address #3, Email Address #4, Email Address #5, capcha and submit.

2. Choose subscriptions – This is where the users select the information that they want to receive. They will see all of the categories that they could receive messages from each will have check boxes next to them. The check boxes are how they subscribe to the feed there will be a box for SMS, E-Mail, and Phone Notification.

4. School District Sign up- they have the same fields as a school would in order to create an account. The difference is when they select a package instead of clicking on a checkbox the enter the quantity of each of the packages that they want to purchase.

5. Parents Admin Panel – this is where the parents can go to update their information and view old messages.

1. View latest messages

2. Change Account information- allows the user to change the information that they submitted in sign up

3. Change password

4. Change subscriptions – This allows the user see the list of feeds again and what they selected. They can change what they receive by checking or un-checking the appropriate boxes.

5. Change contact information- The user has the ability to sign up 2 Phone numbers for voice notification, 2 for SMS notification and up to 5 email notification emails.

6. Administrator’s Panel – This is where the administrator can run the list and send messages.

1. Send a message – The administrator sees a drop down box with the categories that they can send to. They may only select one at a time. Below that are three check boxes one each for SMS, Phone and E-Mail. This selects how the message will be distributed, so that people that do not want messages from that category will not be sent the message. Below that will be a text box where the administrator can type in the information they want to distribute. There will also have to be a box where they can schedule a message to be sent in the future so if they check the box and fill in the date the message that they created will not be sent until that time.

2. Statistics- Here the administrator can see how many users they have in their list, SMS messages left, Phone Calls left and Emails left in their allotment.

3. Latest Messages- The administrator can see all of the messages that they sent in the past.

4. User List – The administrator can view a sortable list of the users that they have signed up. Also they can download a .csv file of the user list. They will also be able to add and delete users from this page.

5. Sub-Administrators Permissions- They will be able to create and manage sub administrators from this panel. They give the user on their list permission to send messages to only the lists that they select. They will see two links that say: Create a sub administrator, modify a sub administrator.

i. Create a SubAdministrator- They will select the username of the person that they want to give permissions to and click set permissions. From there they will see a list of categories that they have created with check boxes next to them that say SMS, Phone and Email. By checking the corresponding box they are giving the SubAdministrator permission to send messages to that category. The administrator also has a box to set limits on how many SMS, Phone and Email Messages they can send.

ii. Modify a sub administrator- This allows the administrator to modify or delete the SubAdministrators. They can change all of the permissions and quotas that they gave them when they created them. When they delete a SubAdministrator it reverts them to user status.

6. Upgrade- Allows the user to change their account type, they can upgrade to a larger plan from this site.

7. Sub-Administrators panel is a combination of the Administrators panel and the Users panel. They receive all of the same information as the users but also have the Send a message ability. They only see the lists that they are authorized to send to in the drop down box.

8. Root Administrators Panel-

1. Statistics Page- Shows the number of accounts that we have created. Total number of users. How many messages were sent for the month (with a button for history).

2. Users Page- A sortable list of all of the users that we have. This page must also be searchable for school name, city, state and zipcode. By clicking on a school you get to a modify account page. We can also download a .csv of account info.

i. Modify Account Page- this allows us to change a password, change contact information for a school and to see how many messages that they have sent out for the year and their limits. Also allows us to suspend and delete the user.

1. history- Allows up to make notes on the client. Shows when they created and account and allows us to make new notes if they contact us or we contact them.

3. Email Accounts- This allows us to send bulk messages to each of our accounts that we have signed up.

4. News- this allows us to post news that shows up on our homepage and or the Administrators Panel when they open it up.

5. Suspended Users- Lists all of the accounts that have reached their limit for the period. When they reach this point they are automatically emailed as well as when they only have 5 messages left they are also automatically emailed suggesting that they upgrade.

6. Users to contact- This runs a report of the users that are close to be suspended so that we can personally contact them and suggest an upgrade.

7. Create / Modify Packages – This allows us to create packages and change what the package includes. Any changes will update what the schools see when they sign up. (should it modify existing packages? As long as they are the same name) I will also have a hide button next to the packages if we check it that package will still exist but not be visible from the sign up screen.

9. Multiple Schools Admin- will allow some extra functionality not required in the others.

1. Send Message District Wide- This will be like the send message for the school administrator but will do so for all of their schools. Other than that the fields look the same.

2. Send Message one school – Looks the same as the Admin send message

3. Create New School Account – Shows credits that they have for available plans. They can also create a new account for a school by creating a username and password and selecting the plan the school needs. This will create a standard administrator account with the allotment that they choose.

4. Modify a School’s Account – Here they can view how many messages of their allotment each school has sent out. They can also see how many users are signed up and what their allotment is for each. They can suspend, delete or upgrade an account here. They can also change account information as well as create a new password.

APIs -

SMS API - [login to view URL]

10. SMS API - Build Send Message List - this list should be comma separated list of phone numbers with 44 in front, message should be less than 160 characters and they recommend not sending more than 5000 at one time:

When the user clicks send message we want to validate the message, then build three lists:

- email list

- sms list

- phone list,

We will pass the message and sms list to the api component that will send the message then ping the service to check for errors. We will also need to log that the message was sent in the database for reporting purposes.

Call Fire API - [login to view URL]

The call fire api is a SOAP API, and contains a send message function, like the sms api we will need to build a list of phone numbers to submit to the call fire api. We also need to pass a wav file in the form of a byte array. Using Microsoft dot net we can quickly interface with the SOAP API and create a simple component that convert the wave file into a byte array and safely submit the soap message. Also there are some options on Text To Speech Engine [login to view URL]

Programmer must also install the software on our server and offer 1 year support.


1) Reading my instructions clearly and demonstrating it in a followup PM

2) Price

3) Timeframe until completion and delivery

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