Syslog-NG Installation

I have a linux server running syslog-ng. I need to be able to write to it remotely from two spots: PHP Scripts on remote apache servers (for error logging) and from Win32-based python scripts (same reason).

Looking for the following:

1. A php script that can write to my *remote* syslog service directly. I don't know whether there's 3rd party PHP modules needed to speak to syslog, will need the script and any modules identified.

2. A custom windows DLL that does the same thing. The reason I need a DLL is because I use Python and other code that I need to have an external DLL available to "import" into the code, declare its functions and then use it's functions. I do the same thing with libmysql.dll.

For example:


#import "libmysql.dll"

int mysql_init(int db);

int mysql_errno(int TMYSQL);

int mysql_real_connect(int TMYSQL, string host, string user, string password,string DB,int port,int socket,int clientflag);

int mysql_real_query(int TMSQL, string query, int length);

void mysql_close(int TMSQL);


I need this DLL to do the minimum:

A) Be able to be configured for different syslog servers & ports

B) Write syslog messages to the remote server

3. A win32-compatible python script that imports the DLL built in #2 and sends a syslog message to a remote host.

I need to be able to drop the php script onto an apache host and run it, have it send a message to the remote host. I need to be able to drop the python script onto a windows box; sit the DLL next to it and run it, have it send a message to the remote host.

That's it.. thanks!

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