100978 Script Installation site 4sale

Hello everyone,

My name is Jonathan Regan :)

Email address: scriptinstallation@[url removed, login to view]

Before I explain this project, please look at my Scriptlance

feedback. As you can see, I have now completed 90 projects,

and I have *never* received less than a perfect 10/10. I am

a good webmaster, and I want to offer you an opportunity,

and also a chance to earn some money working for me ...


I want to sell my website: [url removed, login to view] (PR5)

and I would like your help with my advertising campaign. This

website has made me a LOT of money, and it dominates the

major search engines for the phrase "script installation"

So, this featured project has two main aims:

1. I would like to hire someone, to help me sell my website.

This will involve using search engines to find programming

forums, joining them, and posting a message that explains

that my website is for sale. As you can imagine, posting

in programming forums would be a good way to sell it.

2. The second reason I'm posting this featured listing,

is because someone at Scriplance may wish to purchase

the website. It offers a perfect location to provide a high

quality service, and you can continue to use Scriptlance

as your source to receive regular script installation work.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to make an

offer to buy this website, please post them on the message

board, or send an email to my personal address:

scriptinstallation@[url removed, login to view]

This featured project covers two types of bids, so I will now

explain how to proceed, and how you should place your bid.


If you would like to help me sell this website, please bid

your hourly rate. Your job, will be to find, join and post

advertisements in programming forums all over the internet.

You will need to do this politely, and I would really like to

work with programmers that already have "established"

accounts at programming forums.




If you would like to BUY this website, please send

your best offer to: scriptinstallation@[url removed, login to view]

and I will list the current "highest" bid on the public

messageboard that is assigned to this featured project.


So, let me explain again. Two types of bidding. Either

bid your hourly price to promote the sale of this website,

or bid the maximum amount you are prepared to pay, to buy

this website. You can email me the amount, bid the amount

or state your bid on the messageboard. I will also keep

information private and confidential if you wish. The bids

will not be displayed for this project, but I will maintain the

current highest bid for the sale of the website on the SL


Hopefully, this makes sense. I will now outline the main

features of this website. It will help you decide how to

sell the website, and it may help others to place a bid

to purchase.


You can use this sales copy to sell the site in forums


Hello everyone,

My name is Jonathan Regan

It was a difficult decision, but I have decided to sell my most

important and reliable website. I need to give priority to the

website design business I just started with my close friend.

Put simply, I don't have enough time to continue providing

a script installation service at [url removed, login to view]

Before I describe the website in detail, let me quickly list a

selection of its best features. Purchasing is a wise choice:

Features of [url removed, login to view]

- PR5 homepage. Several PR5s & dozens of PR4s & PR3 subpages.

- Summary of pages with current pagerank: [url removed, login to view]

- Position #1 in all major search engines for "script installation"

- Nearly 2,500 established backlinks according to [url removed, login to view]

- A keyword rich, established domain name that offers crediblity.

- The domain name is mature (initially registered back in 2001).

- Unique website design (I will integrate your picture if you like)

- Loads of hand written, original content (protected by Copyscape).

- The website has an established reputation and a reliable income.

- The website offers a service that other webmasters genuinely need.

- There is plenty of room to grow this business through Google Adwords.

I have also dedicated a special webpage to this sale, that includes

additional information about the website and the service it provides.

[url removed, login to view]

Now for a quick bit of history ...

I've managed to earn an income on the internet for about 10 years,

and this website is one of my "consistent" earners. I've tried plenty

of ways to make money - but nothing has ever been as reliable as

offering a simple script installation service to "noob" webmasters.

This is a genuine opportunity to purchase an established website.

On average, I charge around $50US per script installation. Most

of the time I earn this amount of money for around 10 minutes of

my time. If you are comfortable installing CGI/PHP scripts, then

offering such a service can earn you a LOT of money - FAST.

In the past, I have earned up to $3,000US a month - and I was

basically running the service part-time. You can throttle the traffic

through Adwords. You would be amazed how many people need

this service. Install just three scripts per day, and you will earn

around $150US per day. Do this 20 days a month, and you have

a $3,000/month income. This is not difficult to achieve ...

I spent some time developing a dedicated sales page, that

describes the website in detail. You can view it at this webpage:

[url removed, login to view]

Proven methods to generate work:

* Run an eBay auction offering a "BuyNow" install service. Bundle the

most popular free scripts with your installation service and earn as

much as $100US per install.

* Sponsor an ezine or newsletter. Pay for "solo ads" to various publications.

* Contact hosting companies, and offer your PHP and CGI installation

services. I have done this and been very successful. Split the profits

with them for a never ending amount of work. Many hosting companies

are delighted to outsource their script installation duties!

* Use Google Adwords to massively increase your online traffic. Use the

names of famous scripts as your keywords. Everytime a person searches

for "php nuke" - offer to install it. By targeting the 100 most popular scripts,

you can receive *thousands* of visitors a month with bids as low as 5 cents

per click. I have already built such a keyword list. You can work as hard as

you want by using Adwords effectively ...

* Use the domain name in your forum signature, or spend time answering

questions and promoting your service on any of the thousands of "noob"

forums online. Or use the service as an "add on" to your existing products.

Anyway, those are just a few ways that this service can be promoted.

I am happy to answer any and all questions. I have nothing to hide.

This website has many features. Here are some extra features that

are also included in the sale:


To make the script installation service more attractive,

I offer clients a free bonus package. Details found here:

[url removed, login to view]

Each ebook is genuinely useful - and each sales page

has a pagerank of 3. When the customer pays for my

service, I email them the username and password.

They can then visit a password protected area to

download their free bonus package ....


An existing script installation newsletter with 75+ subscribers.

I started an informal newsletter a while ago, and around 75

people have joined it, of their own free will. Most subscribers

are previous clients. By sending out a single email, you can

generate work. Announce new scripts, special offers etc.

The newsletter/autoresponder system is a commercial script

called "Follow Up Mailing List Processor PRO 5.01" found at:

[url removed, login to view]

It is currently valued at $54.95 per single copy, although it was

over $130 when I originally purchased my license. You will be

able to continue using it, and there are lifetime upgrades for

free. The "domain name" is associated with the license.


When I began my service, I quickly realised that replying

to emails was crazy. Therefore, I installed several powerful

helpdesk scripts on my server. This will allow you to reply

to your customers, while maintaining all their important

information in a single, confidential place. It's basically

crazy not to use such a script. I have installed several,

so you can choose your favourite.


Over the last few years, I have established powerful links

to maintain my search engine positions. Recently I did a

few changes, to upgrade my frontpage from a PR3 to a

PR5. Put simply, I changed around the internal linking

of all my pages. As part of my link building campaign,

I joined a popular link exchange program, and manually

requested thousands of links over the last 12 months.

The search engines have NOT penalised me. In fact,

they continue to find more and more backlinks after

each update. I have installed a script on the website,

that allows other webmasters to link to me, while also

joining my link directory. You can see it in action here:

[url removed, login to view]

Although some people consider these types of link

exchange programs to be "link farms" - I have never

experienced any type of negative search engine penalty

over the last 17 months. I do have hundreds of old and

established and legitimate links, so perhaps this is why.

But, simply said - the website has a LOT of inbounds

and an easy, ready installed way of continuing to build

links at no cost ...


Well, some time ago I started installing a directory script

found at [url removed, login to view] - It has now

become the first choice of many webmasters, and has

grown very powerful. While installing this script for other

clients, I started messing around - and eventually hired

a programmer to create a script that works "with" PHPLD.

Put simply, the script I created "auto builds" directories,

and the end result is my monster 30,000 link directory found at:

[url removed, login to view]

You can do whatever you like with it. I never tried to earn money

with the directory, because it was a "demo" of what is possible

with Php Link Directory. The websites listed in the directory

were added quite some time ago, and the entire system had

excellent pagerank, until about 2 months ago - when I broke

the database. As such, it has fallen out of the search engines

and lost all its pagerank. But, now that I have fixed it - I am

quite sure it will once again swarm into the search engines.

(Please note - you will not receive a copy of my custom

directory building software, unless we agree to a price that

I am happy with), but you will be in control of this directory!


I have installed an amazing sitemap script, that can track

all of your pages. It can create and submit your sitemap to

both Yahoo and Google, while also creating HTML maps.

Further details can be found at: [url removed, login to view]

I have integrated the script into the general web design to

create beautiful sitemaps.


I purchased a copy of "MnM Stats" - a powerful statistics

program that conveys a wealth of information. It is much

better than Webalyzer etc.


I have also installed and custom modified a script called

CubeCart: [url removed, login to view] that will

allow you to sell items, and services online. You can see

the current store setup at the following location:

[url removed, login to view]


I have also setup lots of other scripts. Wordpress, helpdesk

applications, Pagerank parsers, feedback scripts etc. This

way, you can "demo" certain types of scripts to clients.

I would like to sell this website in the next two weeks, so I can take

a short holiday, and launch my new website design business in 2007.

I will help you with the move, and can push the domain to you etc.

I've sold several websites before, and I know how the process works

Feel free to post questions here, or send me a private message.

At this point, I have not developed a BuyNow price, but I will list

a BuyNow price in the next three days if bidding is active. Please

feel free to post your bid below. For the sake of this forum, I will

say that this "auction" is open for 10 days. I reserve the right to

sell to the highest bidder before the end of the auction.

Please note, I have also advertised this website elsewhere, and will

maintain current bids from other forums here as well. I look forward

to hearing from you.



scriptinstallation@[url removed, login to view]


End of sales copy. You can use this sales copy

to sell the website in programming forums ...


So, as you can see - I have already done a good job describing

the features of the website. There is also a dedicated page at:

[url removed, login to view]

I look forward to working with you. Perhaps you can help me

sell the website, or perhaps you may decide to purchase.

Goodluck, and thank you for reading.



scriptinstallation@[url removed, login to view]

P.S. - I shall update the project description if extra

information is requested.

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