Need wordpress, perl, php, linux guru to quickly consult

Need wordpress, perl, php, linux guru to quickly consult when questions arise

You should

* be available on short notice, reply to email ideally in a few hours or easily be reachable on skype, msn, etc

* know regular expressions, perl, awks, sed, etc

* linux/freebsd shell commands

* apache web server

* mysql

* troubleshoot css, html, webpages, javascript

* not be shy to deal with adult website if needed

* if you actually enjoy adult websites, I could find additional work for you

* adult web sites is only a small part, but I had a guy from China that was scared if I just mentioned adult, sex, or sent him an adult link in the mail.

* now if you actually enjoy adult work, like doing some posts, some research, thumbnails, etc, that is a plus but not a must

* have good understanding of English so you easily grasp what problem I need to solve

* for pricing and availability, I probably should hire someone from Asia or Eastern Europe,

but I want a no-bullshit person with a quick grasp of what is needed, a feature that I found more easily in Americans.

I don't want to need to explain ten times what I need, you should be quick in understanding or be able to ask the right questions.

* be easily available on short notice to answer short questions

* would be good if sometimes we could TALK on skype, phone, or something instead of only writing

* SEO skills not urgent but a plus

* being able to work on portuguese language sites not urgent, but a plus.

Maybe you are skilled at using translation programs

* should know about security, computational efficiency. so you will not make suggestions that compromise server security or that bog down the server.


* troubleshoot minor problems

* help choose, troubleshoot, repair themes

* help choose, troubleshoot, repair plugins

* you should have both technical knowledge (so you understand and fix code)

* and practical knowledge (so you know which plugins are good, safe, well maintained) or which themes are problematic and better to be avoided.

You should charge me "micro-payments", as many tasks will just take you 10 minutes. Every 1-3 hours of work I can pay you something, and you just keep track.

Certainly all bids should be only 30 dollars. Let me know for how many hours of work this would be good or how you calculate pricing. And how you calculate time. Just working time, or do you add talk time on msn, or your time to study how to solve the problem.

A small team would be good, as there are many skills needed. Or someone with an assistant. I might have some simple tasks, that a less qualified person can do more cheaply, but others that need a qualified person. Maybe you have 2 prices, one for complex work like regular expression, one for simple work like link building or registration, or thumbnail posting.

I might need you only occasionally for 10 minutes at a time. Or for small troublehoots for 1-2 hours. Or maybe you can do some maior things like doing a plugin

Examples what I need right now:

* I run wordpress 2.7.1 Is there an urgent need to upgrade?

* I installed active perl on my windows machine. don't know how to run something like

cat inputfile| perl_program >outputfile

in windows.

* my wordpress blogs are very slow. How to speed them up?

* I should install compression for wordpress, but my server does not have the right apache modules installed. Analyze if I should pay 50 dollars to get them installed, if that really would speed up the blog. I presume that lots of the slowness is due to the reader's slow internet connection.

* want to have several logins to social bookmarking services, the logins should look natural with some recommendations on them already, not empty virgin. Can you get me 5 logins each to 2 main services like d.i.g_g and d.e.l/i.c.i/o.u.s

* need link building for Brazilian tourism and foto sites. This involves using some translator to understand portuguese, finding sites that are suitable, like sites that link to competitors, or sites that have spaces for registration. Not mindless links building using known English language directories

* need to organize a cron job to back up my wordpress blog databases regularly. With logrotate etc

* I have another project posted here, so if you are from India, you might want to pick that one up too, though that one requires no tech skills.

[url removed, login to view]

You might want to comment on some of these tasks and how much you would charge for that ..........

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