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here is quite a lot of text below, be sure to read all of it to get the complete picture. I have included some questions in the text. To choose you, I still must know your answers.


The application must do the following:

1.1. system displays the question: locations A (start) and B (finish)

1.2. user enters the answer (how to get from A to B)

1.3. system responds with the indication (correct/wrong) and the map with the correct path.

Other features:

1.4. user can choose areas, from witch A and B locations are randomly chosen (for example, only few districts in the city)

1.5. the user could get computer's response after every question he answers or after the set of questions (the table with responses to all questions would be provided at once).


*The website is ready, we need the complete application to put in.

*The application should take map data from Google Maps or another free mapping service (if possible).

*You will be provided with the design of application.

So, we can see two ways to do the application (feel free to provide alternatives):


2.1. Admin manually records all question data:

(a) question itself: names of A and B points (text);

(b) desired answer: street names that are expected to be typed-in (text);

(c) correct path on Google maps (path).

2.2. System provides a question. User types-in street names (suggestions should pop-out while he is typing);

2.3. The system compares the answer with the "desired answer" that was entered by administrator;

2.4. The system responds (correct/wrong) and provides user with the correct path on the map.

2.5. QUESTION. Can you do the following:

a. the interface for administrator to enter and edit question data (user could also generate content by using the same interface to enter questions)

b. the front end application for the user (question, answer, correct/wrong, map with the path)


3.1. Admin records location points only (any point could be then chosen as start "A" or finish "B" by the system. The entry process can be automated, as we'll have the xls sheet with the point data (name, latitude, longitude).

3.2. System randomly chooses A and B, then creates the path from A to B that is recorded on the map as the correct answer. QUESTIONS:

3.2.1. Can we use the "get directions" feature from Google Maps to generate the path form A to B?

3.2.2. If Google Maps provides two alternative paths (it does sometimes), can we record both of them as correct paths?

3.3. The system takes names of streets that appear on the generated path and records them as a text string (lets call it a "desired answer"). QUESTION: can you do that?

3.4. When user types-in his answer, the system compares it with the "desired answer" to provide the response (correct/wrong). QUESTION:

3.4.1. Here the system should convert that typed-in answer to the path in order to display it on the map together with the right answer (if the user was wrong). Can you do that?

4. ANSWER ENTRY ALTERNATIVE: 2D Navigation on the map.

As you noticed, the fact that the answer must be typed-in creates some complexities: the correct path must be converted to text, and the text answer must be converted to the path. I would be glad, if I could change the way of entering the answer:

4.1. User gets text question: go from A to B

4.2. Small car icon is displayed on the map at the point A (start)

4.3. User must navigate the car to point B using keyboard arrows and/or buttons on the screen. Logically, the car can move only forward/back on the road, only forward on the one way road, can turn only at crossroads. The button click would result in a simple jump of the icon, no need for the "flowing" view. Good news that its easier to do that it looks. QUESTION: Can you do that?

4.4. When the icon is moving, the system records the path it makes. Few scenarios, how the system could assume that the path is "correct" (we can choose the easiest to implement):

4.4.1. the path it the same as the generated one,

4.4.2. the calculated travel time is equal or less to the generated one (Google maps provides total driving time, when you ask for directions),

4.4.3. the path ends in the point B

4.5. QUESTION: Witch of the 4.4.1. 4.4.2. 4.4.3. are doable for you? Witch seems the best from the technical standpoint?


QUESTION: Did you understand all the concept? Feel free to ask.

Please provide answers to questions (comments would be really appreciated) and provide prices:

for the simple way to do it

for the complex way to do it

for the D2 navigation tool

That's it. Looking forward to hearing from you.

P.S. Maybe these links will give you some inspiration:

[url removed, login to view];amp;transport_id=auto&t=xhtml&l=en (directions generation)

[url removed, login to view] (little icon driving on gmaps)

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