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I'm creating this site for virtual betting on soccer games only. I created the DB (tables) i have the betcard, but the bets go to my email. I'd like them to go to a DB, and a script to check which user won/lost.

There can be three max. odds (1 Home win) (2Away win) (X for a Draw). each of them will have different odds.

When the users select few bets they can see them. See the attachment for a better explanation. Keep in mind the DB is already set up, and i have the login and the registering of users all done. The communic. with the DB and such, I'm stuck on that.

Betting Layout


A Registration Page where the user will be able to register his full name, username(8 chars.), password (8 chars.), address and their email. If the user while registering enters the same username, to be prompted to “pick another username because that one exists in the DB” Upon login if the user enters an incorrect password to see a message saying “Incorrect password, try again”. If the login is successful it should show the two input boxes containing the username and the balance of their account (sort of like the image below). Also a “request password” link which I don’t know how does it work, since I can’t see the passwords, they will be encrypted. Once the user is logged in next to the username there should be a “Log Out” button which will kill their session (log out) the users and take them to the main page. This is pretty much the summary for the login and register page. I already have this, though I don’t have the code where the session will be closed after user has been inactive for 20 minutes.

- Bet Game Layout-

This will be the Game layout. It’ll be with links, and the links will be the odds themselves. Once a user clicks on any of the links it will take them to their Bet Card. So upon each click on an odd the Bet Card will upload with the new information. If I were to click on 1.22 as on the photo (which is a Home Win for Ajax) on the Bet Card I should get the following: Ajax vs Arsenal and underneath Ajax wins. Odds are 1.22. If the User enter 2 for a bet, the possible payout would be 2.44

Hopefully this makes sense. I also would like to have an option for the user to remove all bets and start over or remove a bet they don’t like and submit the form. As for the betting page, a user can get to it only if they are logged in. If they are not, they will be asked to login. I can take care of that. This is the tricky part. The bets would be submitted to a DB. I’ll preset to each user some virtual amount lets say of a $1000. When the user enters their bet amount and submits the form I’d like that amount to be subtracted from their total amount, so if they had 1000 and they entered 100 bet, their new total would be 900.

Now, how would I check which user actually won their bet? A script should go through all the bets and check for Home Win which is a “1”, Draw “X” and Away win “2”. Once the matches are over I’ll go to my admin page and enter the results and run a script that will check which users won and guessed their matches correctly. Let me know if this doesn’t make sense.

Also, keep in mind that on some tournaments (X) Draw is not allowed, a team must win the game, so sometimes I’ll have only 2 options (win or loose) although 90% of the time would be 1 X 2. I as admin want to be able to edit matches, remove matches, some of them will expire (timestamp) and users can’t bet on them. I don’t think I need a field for different Leagues since each match will have an id!

- Admin-

I as admin would like to have a button which will show all bets (from all users) besides seeing who won. The users once they are logged in should be able to see their “Current” and “Past bets” and have an option to “Delete their bets” from the system. So if someone bets, and comes back in an hour to see what games he betted on, he can click on “Current Bet Card” and see their bets, the amount they betted and the possible payout.

I as admin should be able to remove or edit their bets. For instance I don’t want users to be able to bet $1000 and then they loose them and start sending me email to put another 1000 in their account… I want to set a limit min $1. and max $200 for instance.

I’ll give u all the code I have. Also, I had some nice pictures that explain all of this, but i can't find a button here where i can upload my document.

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