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I am wanting someone to expand on an existing firefox filter that is being used on a text based game called mafia live. The game is an iphone app, but it is also played on an internet browser at [url removed, login to view] The existing filter is I am currently using is here at: [url removed, login to view]

The terms of service for Mafia Live do not allow anything that interacts with their server. I want to make sure that this is 100% compliant. The current filter is set to only show the people that are "healthy". It also filters by level, class, and family size. I would like to keep those things, but also be able to have certain names of players appear regardless of whether or not they have health or meet the filtered requirements. It is important to be able to find players that pay well with ease, even if they are not healthy at the moment.

When a player is clicked on. They will have a certain number of weapons and items that will determine their attack and defense totals. I want to have that number along with their defensive zen displayed. I also want their income to be calculated. Some players pay money to have this not shown, so that will need to be accounted for so their is not an error.

Lastly, I want a record kept of all of my attacks. I need to keep the time of day, and the amount won or lost. As part of the filtering, I want to see the total I have won against each player that meets the filtered requirements on the given fight screen. A given fight screen has about 25 players on it that normally gets filtered down to 0-5. For the filter players, I want to see the average amount won, the average over the last 5 attacks, and the average won in the given time period. Time periods should be broken down in 2 hour increments. The day of the week would also be helpful to include. If it is Friday night at 6pm, I want to see who pays the best at that time on that day. I would also like a list of the top 20 payers that pay at each given time period. As the time period changes, the list would change. Any player that meets this criteria should be highlighted in a special way and also show up on the filtered list whether "healthy" or not.

I would like to also have the amount won/lost in the current day displayed on the page. If possbile, I would like to have that information saved and available for review. Also, anytime I click on a particular player, it should show me as much information from the data as possible.

I do not care what it is written in. I am using windows XP with the latest version of firefox. It does not have to be done in firefox, that is just the way the current filter works. If I need to buy software for the log to be recorded, let me know. I have a microsoft works database and spreadsheet on the computer I am using. Basically, this game is played world wide. Some people sleep/work/play at different times. If someone is away from the game, they will not "bank" their money. Then they will pay better at that time. Other times, they will have banked and pay zero on an attack. I want a filter/log system that will tell if I should attack a certain player at a certain time or not. I need the data displayed so I can make a quick decision.

It would also be helpful to track when the last time the player was known to be "healthy". This means that their status is OK. Players that are OK or have recently been OK, have banked and will not pay well for a few hours. If possible, this should also be incorporated.

If you need more information or have other questions, please let me know. I will provide login information for testing upon request to the winning bidder.

Thank you!

If my current budget is not adequate, please let me know what a fair price would be to work on this project. There is something similar to what I am looking for here, but this program interacts with the server on some things and violates the Terms of Service. Here is a link to the similar project:

I would just like to do a few different things with the log data and incorporate the original filtering as described previously.

OK, Let's just simplify this thing since I am not getting any bids.

This is a text-based game played on an internet browser. I am using an existing firefox filter that I would like expanded. Note: This does not have to be done with firefox. There is something close to what I am looking for here:

I do not want to use that particular software because it does perform some(even though theyare minor) interactions with the server and therefore violates the terms of service for the game maker.

I would also like a log kept based on the text-based data that is sortable. I would like a few things done with this data.

I can provide login information for testing on request. If you have questions, I would be happy to answer them. Thank you! Again, if the budget, let's talk about it. Thanks!

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