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I need an automated crawler and email subcriber robot application- Windows xp/vista compatible. Would like a nice gui. You start by entering your first name, last name, email address and phone number for the crawler/form submitter to use for this task. NOTE: This is not a scraper to find email addresses. This is a crawler that finds autoresponders to submit MY information to.

The application should allow you to enter search terms and then querys Google in order to find sites that have autoresponders setup AND are sites which are related to the topic you specify....

ie search Google for "Powered by Getresponse" + "Pets" should return sites related to pets that contain an autoresponder or newsletter signup box powered by getresponse autoresponder service. The search query input is basically 2 parts. First one identifies the auto-responder we are looking for. The second specifies the topic of the website we are seeking autoresponders on.

The application then takes those results...finds the autoresponder signup box embeded on the page asking for your name and email...then submits your name and email to that website's autoresponder(newsletter etc.)

The application will need to be robust enough to handle variations in the signup forms. Some have just name and email. Some will have first name, last name, email. Some may also include phone number. So the crawler/submitter needs to be able to complete all of the above depending on what is requested. Also needs to be written in a manner that it will not 'hang up' if errors occur during the submission process on a particular site.

Crawler will need to know if a submission was successful and record that data (domains found with autoresponder forms and submitted to successfully)- export to txt file or csv. It will also need to automatically avoid submitting twice to the same domain for a given campaign...even after different sessions. Campaigns should be defined by either the email address we are using for the task, or the search topic we are using---up to you.

Crawler/Form Submitter will also need to handle captcha- not to automatically read or process it...just bypass those autoresponder forms that require it and move on to the next site. Or, better yet have a user controlled option in the software that can be turned on or off that prompts you to input the captcha manually when required by a form. This needs to be optional as sometimes I will want this to be a totally automatic process, while other times if I am at the computer anyway I would not mind entering some captcha's if they came up. Captchas won't be a big issue because most sites running autoresponders are seeking prospects and want the signup VERY easy.

Most getresponse autoresponder scripts on websites have 'powered by getreponse' text under the box...making them easy to find with a Google query. I am not sure if Aweber has a similar pattern...but would like to include them somehow.

Would like a nice Report produced at the end of the software session Number of successful submissions and on which domains they occurred for each session. Again, would need to save these domains in txt or other file type so future sessions will not submit to the same domain.

For sofware effeciency, It may also be beneficial to specify which google results to submit to. i.e. You start a session one day and submit to results for your query for the first 1-1000 results returned on google. A couple of days later, you are running the same campaign you can specify results 1000-2000 on google.

This may also need multiple proxy support. Will let designer advise.

To sum up:

Sofware application needs the following information to startup:

First Name

Last Name

Email Address

Phone Number

'type of autoresponder' search query ---->ie "Powered by GetResponse"

'site topic' search query ----->ie "Pets" or whatever type of sites you are looking for.

submit to which results group----> ie... 1-1000 or 1000-2000 or 2000-4000 etc.

Do you want to manually enter captcha when needed or bypass those sites? ----->user selects this option

Use proxies?-----> y/n

Enter proxy list if yes. (up to 1500)

Hint: This program will be similar in nature to the old 'automated guestbook submitters' that use to crawl and submit your website info to other site's guestbook automatioally to build backlinks.

This program has nothing to do with submitting your url or with backlinks...but it is similar in nature because it seeks of sites based on certain text/code present on the page and then submits information on that site's form that you specify.

Would probably prefer this program to read and write to txt files or similar rather than requiring a db. I want this software application to run from my desktop computer...not on my servers.

Thank you for your time.

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